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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Dandy Sandy's photos from Endogyn-dissected!

Unlike Endogyn, and any of the web sites associated with it, IHRT credits our visitors with enough brains to draw accurate conclusions to anything we post, it is not our intention to make an conclusions for you, only to present the facts as they exist and allow you to do the rest!

Questions and observations regarding the current photo’s out of Endogyn posted by “Dandy Sandy” & Bullroar Bonnie’s Husband:
Photos as inpatients at Zuckerburg de Klinik, January 18 – 28th, 2007:

Is this a lady dressed for winter in Germany?

IHRT asks you to scan THIS photo of a post op patient’s room as presented by “Dandy Sandy and Kru”…

** Female patient with IV pole standing next to bed with no oxygen outlets in the walls, no side rails post op, luggage hampering a thoroughfare for emergency care, what appears to be a bed with no capability for positioning of patient, carpet on the floor, (which is a no-no in every hospital of good standing and reputation due to static electricity and O2, not to mention poor hygienic purposes, and in a 5 start Klinik no less!)

Now scan THIS post op patient’s room in Zuckerburg de Klinik, Germany…any differences?

IHRT asks that you scan THESE pictures of “Zuckerburg, Germany” as submitted by “Dandy Sandy and Kru” for anything that you might find out of the “ordinary” given the dates that these pictures where supposedly taken! ( January 18th – 28th, 2007!)

However, to make the determination of what was considered “ordinary” for that time period, one MUST take into consideration the following facts…please keep in mind that Zuckerburg is only a ferw miles from Hannover, and was impossible to be missed by what your about to see….
IHRT asks that you scan THESE photo’s
Storm Kyrill Germany 2007

Did you see any differences between the “Dandy Sandy” photos and the “Kyrill photos?

Did you check out the temperatures during that time span that “Dandy sandy was there in Zuckerburg? It was wet and cold, and only a little snowy.

Not one little twig, or branch or roofing is out of place in the pictures of Kru and “Dandy Sandy’s” husband on the balcony!

Not one twig, leaf or dirt on the statue in the Zuckerburg courtyard!

The scene out the windows in the “people-less” restaurant is a nice snowy winter wonderland, impossible during that time frame of Kyrill.

Everyone and everything is harmonious and perfect, as if it were a different time period then these ladies profess that it is! IHRT knows this is not possible as some of us IHRT members live here in Germany to know this!

Most intriguing is that neither patient or family members mention anything of Kyrill nor it’s destruction while they were there in Germany!

A “Marine” could simply “forget or neglect” to mention anything about the most destructive storm to hit Germany, and not having seen that destruction first hand? A “Marine” would not consider mentioning the havoc and hardships such a storm impacted on the German people? No words of sorrow, sympathy, concern?

Any “human being” with any sense of compassion would most definitely mention the devastation of a country hit by such a forceful storm, a people who they claim to care about so much that they “miss” them, yet, no mention of this storm?

People were killed in the area surrounding Zuckerburg, yet no one mentions this? It was cold, yet Kru and this guy stand outside like it is spring in D.C.!

This is like you being in India during the tsunami and never mentioning you saw anything, nor had any concern or compassion for the people there! YOU do the math here!

What you do not see in these pictures is anyone eating with Kru and Michi, very unusual, so why have the restaurant photo’s? Was our patients just peeking into the room? IHRT guess’s that they, and Kru, are thinking that you will think they are important!

Kru mentions that the man in the suit is the “manager” of Zuckerburg. Okay, where is he found on the Zuckerburg website. What is his name? There is absolutely NO manger listed there in that web site at all. Isn’t “Dr.Hutter” the “manager?”

YOU draw your own conclusions of these scenarios as presented by these two patients and Kruschinski, YOU draw your own conclusions as to what took place during their alleged stay in Germany during those dates, and YOU decide just how credible these patients and Kru arte! Your mind will not allow you to think that people will go to these lengths to harvest patients to Kru, but they will and they do, this IHRT can swear on the Bible in a court of law! These are desperate people, needy people, easy people to prey on.

Also, remember that a woman who can’t tell the difference between a “washcloth” and a “pair of underwear” is posting this stuff!
These are posts of a women who claims to have studied 4 years in Italy, and today she cannot spell or use proper sentence structure! An ex-Marine” who appears to care less for the suffering of the German people then for her allegiance to a criminal surgeon! A women who finds posting all about herself as a way to “assist” other victims of ARD! An “ARD: sufferer who was only depressed at Christmas, not hurting, in pain, desperate, and just out of a recent adhesiolysis looking for another one, and Kru offering one of course, no consideration of healing time important to him!

**Neither of these patients has stated that their surgery WAS in-fact a “gas-less” procedure, they imply that!
**Neither one has said that Kruschinski did their operation, they only imply that!
**Neither has said that their surgery was actually performed IN the Zuckerburg Klinik, but they imply that!
**Neither “patient” mentions any costs incurred by them for this trip and surgery, no mention of locations of arrival or departure to Germany, nor to and from Zuckerburg.
**No mention of accommodations for the duration as outpatients, and neither bother to mention a second look procedure, medications, hospitalization comforts, language barriers, and special hospital services accommodating their families.
**Neither mention pre or post diagnostic requirements or where these were done, in fact, “Dandy Sandy” says that her first contact to Kru was made to someone here in the USA Christmas eve, 2006, and she had a surgery scheduled and completed January, 2007! Remarkable!

Stupid too, you have to admit given one who is so educated and has military experience no less, yet she threw ALL caution to the wind and went to a surgeon who is well known for controversy as to his professionalism, honesty, lack of ethics, etc, etc… remarkable in deed! It is evident that this wordly education and traveled women is NOT computer savy, as she did not check out Karen Steward, IHRT, Endogyn or anyone or anyhting else that would indicate that maybe, just maybe this surgeon is not the most ethical or skilled surgeon to deal with the atrocious problems a real ARD sufferer has to consider when making such a decision as another adhesiolysis within a few months of one another!

Talk about stupid people, and Bonnie returns for another surgery after the first ones failed and was claimed a success by the surgeon...what didn't they understand here! The surgery failed and the surgeon lied to you, so you go back for more??

Is it a wonder that IHRT is asking for some hard validations to the claims of these two women and their husbands, and of course Kruschinski is about as incredible as any human being we know of!

IHRT is of the opinion that “Dandy Sandy” picked up the torch of hostility toward IHRT from Karen Steward, as well as the torch of trying to make Kruschinski look anything but a conman, fraud and racketeering hustler preying on innocent and ill patients!
Kruschinski IS a liar and fraud, there is NO question about that! IHRT WILL flush her out in the end, we always do!

Here is a picture of one of the IHRT member's with two brothers who are "United States Marines!" "Sempri Fi" all the way!

Tomorrow you will be given the most recent information out of the “German Medical Board” regarding a very serious fraud perpetrated by Daniel Kruschinski!

There is absolutely no way that this new accusation of fraud against Kruschinski can be contested….and it is also the reason that Endogyn will NOT be opening in Fuldi, or anyplace else, ever! Helen Dynda's dishonesty and her rush to prove Kru innocent will also be exposed in this new fraud!
Please Stay tuned.

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