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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Endogyn Operative NOT forthcoming...

“Operative reports” not forthcoming!
Claims of “gas-less adhesiolysis” performed by Kruschinski made by two US patients remain highly suspect as being fraudulent!

Endogyn Liars Meeting" at "Endogyn" at 1:30PM.
Do we, once again, have a couple of liars trying to harvest innocent ARD patients to Germany? IHRT thinks so!

IHRT is now seeing “a little movement” in the area of possibly being able to proof operative reports of these alleged patients to Kru! Other then two words in one web site, nothing! (IHRT asks how hard is it is to scan a few operative reports into a PC when you can send photos galore to Germany’s web site??? Dandy Sandy has TWO houses, boats, and everything else, and she is a marine, studied in Italy, etc, etc-yet she can’t seem to be able to scan an operative report into a PC?)

The words, “OPERATIVE REPORTS” is all that IHRT has seen to date in our request for validation of the alleged “gas-less” surgeries performed by Kruschinski on “Dandy Sandy” and “Bonnie Thompson” in January 2007.

“Words, all words, but no proof!” (Hardly a back-up to her threat that IHRT had better not “get her started!” IHRT is still wondering what’s up with THAT comment!)

One would think that the most beneficial way to defend Kru’s character and reputation, as well as the reputations of “Dandy Sandy’s” and “Bonnie Thompson’s” would be to share the operative reports in a public way!
**Wouldn’t the public presentation of these reports be 100% indisputable evidence of the claims these ladies are making in public?
**Wouldn’t “operative reports” also counter the allegations from IHRT that this is all bogus and fraud? (IHRT suspects this is a means of harvesting innocent and desperate ARD patients to Kru to get money sent to him by use of miss-representing these two surgical claims.)
**Wouldn’t “operative reports,” be the best source of not only validation of their claims, but offer other ARD patients wishing to seek a gas-less surgery with Kru, if he were doing any surgeries?
**Wouldn’t the public sharing of these reports also validate “Dandy Sandy’s” robust claims of saying that IHRT is wrong in their accusations of calling her to be “a bold face liar” in her claims of having had a gas-less surgery with Kru in January 2007?
**Wouldn’t these operatives be a good way to put IHRT’s claims that Bonnie Thompson’s claims of a gas-less surgery with Kru are also bogus?

“Dandy Sandy” & “Bonnie Thompson” have made claims that they had recent gas-less adhesiolysis procedures by Kru in Klinik de Zukerburg, Germany as recent as January 2007, however, there has not been any concrete proof of those claims to date.

Not anywhere has IHRT seen anything that can be used to validate such claims, and given that Kru is NOT performing gas-less surgeries at any facility in Germany, these claims give rise to suspect “harvesting” of innocent patients to send money to Kru!

In the past IHRT has continually exposed persons making such claims of 100% cures from adhesions in a surgery performed by Kru, others made claims that they had only one trip to Endogyn for a surgery when in fact they had made multiple trips and had many surgeries, and still not well. Lie after lie continue to spew out of the mouths of patients who have gone to Endogyn for gas-less adhesiolysis by Kru, not to mention the lies from Kruschinski himself, Michi, his past mistress, and his wife, Shirli!
All claims coming out of Endogyn have turned out to be bogus with less then 1% really having had any semblance of reduction in symptoms caused by adhesions following a gas-less adhesiolysis with Kru!

Preying on weak makes serial abusers hard to detect, but in the case of IHRT, Kruschinski has been his own worst enemy and made dection of his abuse of patients easy to expose!

IHRT has found MOST person’s associated with Endogyn to have no moral conscience, no real desire to want to help others who suffer ARD, to be very self serving and dysfunctional. Endogyn has turned out to be a “cult” rather then a medical facility. Endogyn is nothing more then cults found all over the place and with very mentally ill and psychotic leaders! Persons with ARD fall prey to these kinds of people all the time, and in the case of Endogyn, Kruschinski knew just how to bring in and make money off of them. The rest is easy to see how this all happened in Endogyn and why ARD patients were so easy to be put under Kru’s spell of deceit and corruption, as well as lead into abusing other ARD sufferers by use of lies and fraud and bogus reporting of surgical results at Endogyn!

Most ARD patients in high need of attention, wanting to feel important, and when seeking medical intervention for ARD, there is few within the medical community that offer anything in this area! No matter then country, little is available for victims of ARD, thus they turn to someone like Kru with a hunger to satisfy these dysfunctions, needs so deep, and easily recognized as easy prey for people such as Kruschinski!

No proof has been submitted to date to even remotely suggest that the claims made by these two ladies from the USA are true, and IHRT suspects that there never will be any operative reports shared public ally by them, as if they did, IHRT would be proven 100% equivocally correct in what appears to IHRT to be another bogus claim coming out of Endogyn!

Mark the words here by IHRT as we are 100% correct in that we will not see operatives of these two ladies!

NOW on to the latest photos coming out of Endogyn by “Dandy Sandy” and “Bullroar Bonnie”….IHRT will provide the facts, YOU draw your own conclusions on how they relate to these photos, folks!

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