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Monday, February 19, 2007

Message for Sandy and Bonnie: Operative Reports

Due to the nature of questionable posts and material coming out of Endogyn for the past 3.5 years, IHRT asks "Sandy" and "Bonnie" if they would please post their operative reports of the most recent gasless adhesiolysis procedures they are claiming to have had in Endogyn under Kru.
IHRT asks this with all due respect!

IHRT will check on a daily basis in both Sandy's web site at:
and Endogyn message board at:
to report any response to this request!

Sandy and Bonnie might be the link to getting Kru's reputation back, and if they are NOT willing to share the operative reports with IHRT and others, IHRT has to ask why that would be when they know it will put to rest any quarrel they might have with IHRT's questioning of them!

One has to ask themselves if this isn't just another scam set up by Karen and Kru to feed his ego by use of the Internet and dysfunctional people.

Will we continue to see empty posts by Sandy and Bonnie, filled with pictures of nothing beneficial to ARD patients or will they really step up to the plate and try to make a difference for others? Do they owe these operative reports up for others to see, YES! When they post in a public format that they had a surgery in Endogyn, and boast for Kru, then they are responsible to offer up everything they can in support of their words, if they do not, their words are nothing and once again all we get out of Endogyn is lies, deceit and miss-representations!
(IHRT puts their money that Kru is not doing surgeries at any facility, and that we will not see these operative reports.)

By allowing others the opportunity to actually see these reports will not only validate the claims of the surgery, it will offer others the opportunity to know if in fact this is available to them in reality and what was actually done in the operation.

By posting these operative reports you just may be doing the biggest favor and advocacy for Kru then anyone in the near past. There have not ever been postings of the actual operative reports out of Endogyhn, other then one set which can be seen in this web site.

PHOTOS, photos and more photos can be of anyone having a surgery at anytime, anywhere, and with anyone!

Instead of "slinging mud" in an attempt to "support" Kru, why not simply offer up the operative reports which are a factually based validation of word, not just empty claims and pictures. People are very ill with ARD, and desperate for quality intervention, so why not give them this opportunity to be educated on the adhesiolysis procedure instead of a personal hystory, photos of whomever, empty restaurant tables and flowers?

As a Marine, Sandy, are you not forever bo8nd to truth and service of your fellow human beings? "Sempra Fi" means forever, doesn't it?

Folks, if this Sandy is on the up and up, and really wanting to offer her support to others, then there is no reason she will not post her operative records in Endogyn, or her new web site, not one single reason. Bonnie is the same, they want to make claims they were having a surgery with Kru, and they also realize the issues surrounding Kru and Endogyn, wouldn't you think if they really wanted to help other ARD sufferers, they would show the operative reports? IN doing that, it would put a lot of questions to rest!

Until IHRT see's these operative reports, we will continue to question the recent psts by Sandy. Stay tuned for that....AND the breaking news coming out of Germany regarding a major fraud by Kru!

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