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Sunday, February 25, 2007

NO OPERATIVES & NO “SchIII German Shepherd!”

NO OPERATIVES & NO “SchIII German Shepherd!” 100% NO WAY!
All of you people from Endogyn should be ashamed of yourselves encouraging this fruitcake to post! You all know she is a fraud, but then....

NO OPERATIVES From “Dandy Sandy or “Birdbrain Bonnie” or Kru.
(IHRT would not expect any operatives posted by Kru as where would he have them, in his dresser drawers in a hotel room?”
Two more puppets for Kru, no doubt in that now! NO validation of a surgery by Kru, just pictures void of people, undated and staged! Weather is inconsistent with the storm that hit Germany that same time period, yet no mention of that! No operatives, no nothing, just miss-spelled crazier then not postings by “Dandy Sandy!”

IHRT calls these surgeries a 100% fraud! ANY adhesiolysis procedures being performed in Germany are NOT gas-less and being performed by surgeons other then Kruschinski! Kruschinski might be assisting patients to these other surgeons, but that is all he is doing for anyone! Any patient heading over to Germany for an adhesiolysis with assistance by Kru also needs to schedule a “labotomy!”

IHRT knows that “Dandy Sandy” cannot spell, and it appears that she is on more then pain meds by the way she posts things, but aside of that, it is also apparent to IHRT that she lives in a “dream” world of fantasy, a story teller like Leiza, shall we say! This "Sandy" is by far the most bizarre thing to come out of Endogyn, (with exception of Kru himself that is) and it is really entertaining to follow her ramblings as she is about as off as anyone can be!

Get a load of this recent post in Endogyn by, lets give it up foooorrrr………………….”Dandy Sandy!”
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Posted Friday, February 23, 2007 @ 06:49 PM

I am from Boston and had surgery from Dr. Kruschinski. He is 100% real and 100% capable of removing adhesions. I am one-month post op and have no pain. I,m greatly appreciative of how I feel now and I'm going on 6 weeks now sincerely sandy

IHRT responds:
Okay, lets look at this post a bit closer. Is it 4 weeks post op, or 6 weeks post op? She arrived in Germany January 18th, had a supposed surgery that following week, left Germany on January 28th, no mention of a second look, so….hmmmm, it looks like she is post op 4 weeks from an initial surgery, but NO SSL?

IHRT finds that "Dandy Sandy and her bimbo hubby" lied about the dog...and are we surprised? NO! How does IHRT know they lied? Well, see for yourself!
"Schutzhund III German Shepherd"

A "Schutzhund III German Shepherd" is NOT your ordinary purchase, pack & play dog!!!
The “Dandy Sandy” family shepherd as seen in the pictures in Endogyn posted by these two liars is NOT a “SchIII German Shepherd!” No way possible!

Get a load of this "fantasy" post by “Dandy Sandy…..”

Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2007 @ 06:43 PM
“Well my husband had to search for a German Shepard while in Germany. That was the "deal" I had to cut with him in order to go. That gave me a day of luxurious solitude. We are now proud owner of a Sch 3 German Shepard named XIn or Zin. My two chiuhuaha's hate him so while I'm recovering I'm doing alot of scolding to the three of them. Well the Chinese say in life there is alway a bad side to anything good...The Ying and the Yang... Ditto.
I'm praying that Dr. K. stays alive and well because there isn't anyone else that does this procedure. Hope you all find Peace and Painfree life as I am experiencing now. Sincerely Sandy”

IHRT comments:

“Sandy prays that Kru stays ALIVE? She must have heard he is drinking more heavy then ever! Honey, alcoholics can linger for a long, long time, so no worry if you need another surgery by him! Your cool!

“SchIII German Shepherd!” 100% NO WAY!
“Dandy Sandy” posted that she had no contact with anyone about Endogyn prior to Christmas eve, 2006! They arrive in Germany on January 18th, 2007, that doesn’t leave to much time for her to bargain with her husband for him to allow her to have a surgery, remember she is depressed and in pain, unless HE can bring home a real, authentic German Shepherd! A “trophy” from Germany shall we say! The REAL deal, so he can say it came from Germany, not JUST an American bred “German Shepherd!”

Where DID you purchase this dog in Germany, by the way?
(IHRT will not get an answer to that questions as it would most definately incriminate these two liars!

So, Sandy gets her surgery, and bimbo gets his dog! However,IHRT counter claims that the dog highlighted in “Dandy Sandy and Bimbo hubby’s” pictures on Endogyn, that THIS dog is
NOT an “SchIII German Shepherd!” 100% NO WAY!

This is such a heart warming story considering that he went to be with her during her surgery, with exception of the time he was posing with Kru on the baloney, he must have been scouting for the dog as a “SchIII German Shepherd” is hard to come by and even harder to purchase, and NOT cheap!

These “SchIII German Shepherd” beauties sell from anywhere between $15,000.00 - $20,000.00! These “SchIII’s” are older dogs, usually spending their entire lives with one owner, and an owner who has a committed focus and love for the “sport” that the “SchIII” is trained for!
Before any “Sch3” can be handed off to another owner, there needs to be training for that new owner…and you will see why that is!
The fact is that a “SchIII German Shepherd” is not purchased for anything but the sport it is bred for! Another fact is that it would be cruel for anyone to purchase a dog with this training only to allow it to lay around a small apartment in “Boston!” (Or Groton, MA!) To do THAT would be abusive…more on that later.

You see, a “SchIII German Shepherd” is a dog that has completed the second highest level of training for a Shepherd know in Germany and world wide! “SchIII” (master level) is preceded by Sch I (novice), Sch H II (intermediate) levels, and there is only level higher the Sch H III and that is that advanced tracking degree offered, known as FH.

It is a LAW in Germany that German shepherds cannot be bred in Germany unless the pedigree is “Sch I, II or III” trained! The LAW folks!
Keep in mind that many German Shepherds bred in the USA are sent to Germany to complete the “Sch3” level of training, it is that coveted and disciplined!

IHRT asks you to take a look at some “Sch3 German Shepherds!” Your looking at a dog that is self-confident, happy, well trained, confident! Everything about this “SchIII” speaks of pride and obedience, and love for his master! This dog will never have to be “scolded” or “yelled” at! NEVER! There is no need for such behaviors toward a dog of this caliber, the master of dogs, the “SchIII German Shepherd!”

Dandy Sandy said, “My two chiuhuaha's hate him so while I'm recovering I'm doing alot of scolding to the three of them.”

Now IHRT asks you to take a look at the dog that these two people claim is a “SchIII” purchased by them in Germany and brought back to MA on January 28th, 2007!

Someone has broken THIS dog’s spirit! Look at the body language of this dog, timid, unsure, and fearful! Ears are down; tail is down, both are indicative of a low self-esteem! Look at the face of “Dandy Sandy’s” shepherd, it reeks of sadness and possibly abuse!

Look at the lady holding the leash! She does not have control of the dog, she even appears to be scolding it, the man keeps his distance, and trust IHRT folks, THIS is not a dog in training for anything if it was in fact an “SchIII” trained dog! These dogs do not need any training, scolding, or anything else for that matter! The “SchIII” is the highest trained dog in the world!

The weather in Boston during the weeks following this dogs, “ arrival” to MA, was freezing, between 35degress high to 9 degrees, for weeks! Look at the folks with this dog….no wonder they can’t handle that dog, they don’t have enough brains to put on a hat and gloves!
Another interesting thing with this dog is why Dandy Sandy or her bimbo hubby is not in the photos, they are such proud “owner” of this dog from Germany!

Would YOU pay for a “SchIII” and have someone else dealing with it? I don’t think so!!! If for no other reason, the price of the “SchIII” would be enough not to allow anyone else to “bark” orders at it like this lady appears to be doing!
It is also important to know that a “SchIII” would not behave like this simply from a trip from Germany to the USA, and it is NOT an easy task to break the spirit of an “SchIII”.. near impossible, thus THIS dog is NOT AN “SchIII German Shepherd!”

Is there any wonder why “Dandy Sandy’s” dog is sad? Dandy Sandy” says her other two dogs “hate” the shepherd, yet she makes the shepherd sit right by the two “little fellows” who hate him! What is wrong with this picture!? It is cruel, and sickening, that’s what is wrong with this picture and all of the pictures of this dog…poor dog!

Dandy Sandy said, “My two chiuhuaha's hate him so while I'm recovering I'm doing alot of scolding to the three of them.” Note that this “educated in Italy” lady doesn’t even know how to pronounce this poor fellows name! What’s up with that? Talk about “stupid” and in public no less! This hubby got a winner, no wonder he wanted a dog!

So far, IHRT’s opinion of this couple is that they are crude, uneducated and have minimal intelligence. They brag of things that are certainly not within the means of folks living in that little apartment in the pictures! Based on the pictures and posts we have seen in Endogyn, IHRT is certain that we are seeing two needy people with low silk-esteems who fabricate things in an attempt to feel important! They have found an audience in which to perpetrate this façade, but it is interesting if you’re into psychology! They both appear to have an uncaring, unethical way about them. These posts are filled with fabrications and down right lies, and many attempts to cover inconsistencies made in post after post! This couple offers no validation of any of their claims, and because most of their claims are way over the edge of being believable, IHRT has no other choice but to claim every word they post is non credible!

The good thing about this poor, poor dog is that it has opened the door for our readers to get a very good education about this beautiful breed, and the magnificent training that is required for them in Germany! Thank-you for that Little buddy, and may God protect you!

IHRT asks that you pray for this dog, and all dogs owned by people like this!

So that this poor German Sgepherds miserable life is not all in vain, please take some time to look at these web sites, you will not be disapointed that you did!

"Schutzhund German Shepherd's"

Now that IHRT has given you the “Sch3” 101 course, we encourage you to read the links here to acquaint yourself to the other marvels of a dog of this caliber, it is really fascinating, and you will see some of the most beautiful German Shepherds in the world, a real treat!

Schutzhund was originally started with the German Shepherd dog in Germany. The object was to assess the working ability of the German shepherd, the herding dog. Sheep herding was declining so von Stephanitz, whom is the master of the driving force behind the German Shepherd. He originated schutzhund as a sport and to evaluate the working ability of the dog.
Schutzhund is the representation of the character and quality of a dog as a superior breeding stock. The complicatedness of the schutzhund trial and adversity of the sport would surely determine the much superior dog whom is physically or temperamentally suited to complete the title of Schutzhund. The working dog.

The first Schutzhund trial was held in Germany in 1901. These steps were taken to point out the correct working temperament and ability in the German Shepherd breed. SV (Germany), the parent club of the breed, developed the Schutzhund trial as a way of improving and maintaining a reliable dog with the intention that would be suitable for breeding.
Schutzhund is a German word translates as "protection dog". It is a sport that mainly focuses on developing and evaluating those unique traits in dogs that make them more functional and happier companions to their owners. It also builds a positive character and confident in the dog.
Schutzhund is a dog training and breeding sport developed originally in the 1920's by the Deutsches Shaeferhund Verein (German Shepherd Dog Club), or SV, in order to maintain the working ability and the quality of the breed. Schutzhund means literally "protection dog", the training involves work equally in tracking, obedience and protection. In order to get a Schutzhund degree a dog must pass all three phases of the work. Also, a working title (at least a SchH I) is required for breed survey purposes (by a breed warden) in order to register an approved "correctly bred" litter.

There are three major degrees awarded - SchH I, SchH II, and SchH III. Each level being more difficult to achieve. SchH I (IPO I) is the apprentice test. A SchH III dog must validate a superior level of performance, ability and courage.

The special and unique traits that make a good Schutzhund dog are mostly inherent characteristics that must be bred. Even among dogs bred out of Schutzhund litters, only few have the ability to reach SchH I. A small percentage will have the necessary drive, intelligence and mostly the desire to achieve a title of SchH III.
Breeding a schutzhund puppy is not sufficient if the early development is not handled correctly. A young schutzhund puppy should not be handled with a firm corrections. It is equally important that he/she should never be dominated by another dog. The training and play should have a positive ending with results equally satisfying both to the dog and the trainer/owner.

Stay tuned for IHRT's blog onn the upcoming "ISGE Congress in Japan!"
Looks like Japan didn't learn anything from WWII as they have Kruschinski on the agenda as bringing HIM into the program is like dropping a "bomb" on the whole Congress, he is THAT bad!! (IHRT hopes he shows up at this Congress, surprises await him as many people want to talk to him at his last Congress!...)

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