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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kru States That He Did Nothing Wrong or Criminal

Dear Dr. Kruschinski,
Interesting post by you on your Endogyn message board today.
We have just a few comments:

1. You state you did not nothing wrong or criminal.
How about the fact that you did RESEARCH on patients, and did not tell them they were in a RESEARCH study, and you did not get their permission to be a research subject?
How can you consider that "not wrong"?
You obviously do not have a code of professional ethics. Your code seems to be "if I can make money, it is OK" .
Until your article was published a few weeks ago, you continued to say "It was not a study. It was not research".

Your patients remember the things you put in writing, and even if you later removed it from your message board, it is all cached.

2. You continue to blame your problems on IHRT, and take no personal responsibility.
How about Ayursan? What happened there? You stated you were doing surgeries there and then suddenly, you were DISMISSED, and you moved on to some other place in Germany. IHRT had nothing to do with you being dismissed from Ayursan.

3. You mention that you invite past patients to complete follow-up questionnaires. That is a good idea, however IHRT has been informed that you do not send these questionnaires to the patients who have told you they had bad results.
Thus, not a valid research tool!

4. Today you blame IHRT as the reason you left Emma Klinik in Selengenstadt.
Have you forgotten that you put in writing on your own message board that you left Emma because you found a place with better standards of care?
Have you forgotten that you stated on your own message board that you can go back to Emma any time you want?

5. And the question that has never been answered......why did you need to have American patients coming to you?
If you are so famous and so brilliant, and so talented, why were there not plenty of European patients with ARD coming to you?

If you are continuing to do surgery in other locations, good luck to your patients, they will need it!

6. And a note to those patients who had good results. Are you aware that numerous pts. who did not get good results , and communcated that to Dr. K or to other people, were sent demeaning and/or threatening e-mails by some of Kru's loyal followers?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Kru" has always played the "victim," the "poor me" and the "martyr," as well as the one who is "persecuted" unjustly, abd all without any consideration of what he does to others!

It is really easy, as all he is getting from IHRT is what he gave to others!