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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kru's RESEARCH article is bumped to 2nd place

Last Friday, Kru announced the publication of his RESEARCH article in Surgical Technologies, as featured article. Today, his article has been bumped down to be the second featured article not the first one. Seems like the publisher is on to him also!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand this credit report, or why you have posted it.

It looks like he is stating he has no bank, no assets, and no debts (liabilities) ?????
What happened to his cars, all his surgical equipment and the untrasound machine and all those other things that were in his Rondell office, such as computers, office equipment?
How about the VCRs and furniture in the pt. apartments?
Would that stuff not be considered an asset? What about all the spray gel, isn't that really expensive?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he sold everything to finance the make-overs for himself and Miche. Maybe the make-overs were not just clever airbrushing and other photo manipulations, and a wig.
Maybe he and Miche had extensive plastic surgery?