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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Did any U.S. patient sign a HIPAA Release?


Anonymous said...

Maybe HIPPA laws do not pertain to Germany.
Maybe in Germany it is legal for a Dr. to write on a message board that a pt. has an alcohol problem or marital issues that led to the need for that pt. to be readmitted.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and also to name the patient by name.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in Germany, there are no HIPPA laws (Health Information Portability and Privacy ACT)?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do?

Maybe in Germany, health information is not "private", and doctors can tell pt. B that pt. A is a hoax, that their adhesions were from an STD, that they are addicted, that they drink too much, etc.

Anonymous said...

If he plans to publish our operative pics.
His website host is based in USA so all those pics should be down according to HIPAA!
I think there is money to be made on these pics.
I am going to put mine on the internet for free so he can never profit from them!