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Friday, September 08, 2006

Kru did RESEARCH on pts. without their permission

ATTN everyone who had laporoscopic adhesiolysis in Emma Klinic between 2002-2004 by Kru.

Did you know that 35 of you were RESEARCH subjects?

Did you sign permission to be in a RESEARCH STUDY?

How do you feel about the fact that you were NOT informed that Kru was EXPERIMENTING on you?

Because you were a "research subject", do you feel that perhaps Kru should have paid you, rather than you paying HIM?

To read the RESEARCH article in which you may have been one of the 35 pts, go to Click on the right hand side, where you see his name.

Kru announced today 9/8/06, on, that this latest article, authored by him and four others, has been published. Click on the link to UMP. There you will see the Abstract and the complete article.

1. In this article, Kru admits that he was doing RESEARCH. He uses the words "design", "study", "prospective analysis", "bias". Each of these words indicate that what Kru did was "RESEARCH".

The "design" of the "study" was to use abdolift, spray gel, and special surgical scissors to do adhesiolyis of abdominal adhesions, to do a second look after 7 days, and for some of the pts., a third look within the first six months.

The term "Prospective Analysis", if used correctly, would means that he predicted before doing the procedures what the results would be.

However, as the article is written, he actually did a "Retrospective Analysis", meaning that he did the surgeries, and then analyzed the results.

The article admits that there may have been operator "Bias" because there was only one person doing the surgeries, and only one person rating the adhesions using a rating chart that he states "we" developed, and only one person doing the second and third looks.

2. The article reports on the surgery of 35 pts. from USA, UK, and Germany, regarding their first and second look, and for five of those patients, their third look (which occurred within 6 months of their second look). He states that all 35 patients had adhesiolysis with spray gel, between 2002-2004.

The article does not state that they were the FIRST 35 patients, or which 35 patients. (In other places on his web site, he reports that he did adhesiolysis surgery with spray gel on many more than 35 pts. in that time frame). Also, Kru wrote on his message board a few months ago that the report would be on the FIRST 35 patients, but the report does not say that it was the first 35. It could be about any 35 of the patients who had surgery between 2002-2004.
The article states that there was one "operator" (surgeon), and one person who rated the adhesions, and one person who rated the results.

To those who were there, you know that Harry was NOT in the OR, that Homberg was NOT in the OR, and that NO "scientists" were in the OR.

It was only Kru. In the article, Kru says that "we" did this and that, but in reality, it was only him doing it all.
Kru doing the surgery. Kru rating the adhesions. Kru rating the results at 2nd and 3rd look.

Five authors are listed for this article.
It is possible that five people collaborated on writing this article, but all the data was collected by a sole person, Kru.

The article states that there was no control group, and that there could have been operator "bias", and that no long-term follow-up has been completed, but that it will be.

Even people who have not had the opportunity to take a college course in "Research" can determine that this article is reporting on "research" experiments.

Remember when Kru loudly and repeatedly proclaimed on his message board, "There was NO STUDY. It was NOT RESEARCH". That was in response to a person who was asking for data to back up his claims.

He removed all of that correspondance from his message boards, but IHRT has it all CACHED.

PS: Dear readers: Please notice on his ENGLISH Endogyn message board, Kru tells about new pts he is doing surgery on in Germany. However on his German Endogyn message board, he does NOT mention that he is doing surgery on pts. What could be the reason that the German readers are not being given this information? IHRT thinks it might be because it would be too easy for the German pts. to verify his claims of doing surgery. They could very easily call the hospital in Passau, or even go there and find out.


IHRT said...

The article DOES contradict several significant things that Kru has put in writing in the past.
Yes, this article DEFINITELY states that these 35 pts were in a Research Study.
To our knowledge, none of the hundreds of patients that Kru claims to have operated on using the combined methods of gasless, spraygel,and the special bipolar scissors, were told that these methods were experimental.

Also, the article speaks of the abdolift and gives Karl Storz credit for it; the article DOES NOT state that Kru invented the Abdolift, as he told many patients.

He even showed the abdolift to some pts, and said, "I invented this instrument."
Another from IHRT

IHRT said...

I am shocked at this! Did Dr. Reich agree to do these research operations on these patients?? Did he think the patients were aware of these experiments? He must have if he is the director of Endogyn, but why did the patients have to pay for being tests subjects??
Here in America to charge a patient for a research type operation is against the law....and it is also law that the patient is aware that this type of operation is being done on them!
How did this happpen at Endogyn without patients being aware that they were test subjects, and paying for it!!!

This is horrible, and in some ways, is like another German who ordered experimenatl surgery on patients....does Germany have any laws against this type of corruption?

A horrified family member of someone who might have been one of these unsuspecting victims!

The more I read the issues about Endogyn, the more I realize they are true, and the terrible mistake we made in going there!

IHRT said...

I had surgery in Selengenstadt in Spring 2003. My husband was with me. He took notes, and we know EXACTLY what Kru told me in correspondance before I got there and while I was there.
Kru told me that he had done HUNDREDS of adhesiolysis procedures using abdolift and spray gel, on German and European pts., before he started doing them on American patients. He said he was ASKED by somebody from the IAS to offer his surgery to American patients, because spray gel was not yet approved in the U.S.
He ABSOLUTELY did not say that he was doing a "study" or "research". We asked about that, and he said that he had been doing these surgeries for YEARS, and there were no complications from spray gel or abdolift.
I was there when Kru was still taking people out to dinner. I was still in a lot of pain after both my first and second look. I was not one of those who went sightseeing, or riding a bike. In fact, I really did not leave the apt very much.
From "still hurting".

Anonymous said...

All I can conclude from Kru's recently published article, as compared to what he said to patients, is that he withheld information from patients, did research on them without their knowledge or permission, and when things went wrong for many of them, then he started adding the third look, fourth look, etc.
Yes, it was clearly research. He states that himself in his article.

IHRT said...

We remember your husband. He took a lot of notes, and he also took a lot of photos.

Anonymous said...

Dear IHRT,
We think you are expecting the impossible when you are expecting Kru to tell the truth.
So many lies, so many clinics he was kicked out of, so many women, so much spray gel, so much booze, the man appears to be severely impaired.... cognitively, morally, ethically.