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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Silence of the Lambs

Their silence speaks loudly!

Anti-IHRT/ Pro Endogyn websites are eerily silent for some time now.

Have a look.

What slander, lies or retorts are left to them now that IHRT has produced overwhelming documentation of Mr. Daniel Kruschinski's (Kruczynski) unscrupulous, unethical and illegal behaviors?

The Rouges' Gallery

Helen Dynda of Hoffman, MN
Lisa Graven of Maumee, OH
Connie Harber NJ
Carolyn Meadows IL
and their fearless leader Karen Steward of Weatherford TX. ( acting on behalf of her daughter Melissa????)

I bet some of you readers might have issues with them.
Perhaps a good attorney may have issue with them on your behalf???
This link will lead you to their contact information.
(e-mail addy's and phone numbers)

These women have lead so many lambs to the slaughter.

Led people to financial ruin, divorce,
the brink of suicide and desperate suffering patients to failed adhesiolysis and maiming plastic surgery procedures. To procedures which had no benefit, and which resulted in much more severe pain for many people.

Their propaganda to the innocent victims of Adhesion Related Disorder of miracle cures, of a caring and talented surgeon who will give them back their life...
Tale after tale retold by them of how everyone IS adhesion free at their second look surgery and extolling the evils of carbon dixoide as if they held a bio-engineering degree from MIT.
They would just parrot whatever Kru wished.
Kru played them like a violin, right Leiza?

These Rouges were Kru's confidants and they knew the score long before IHRT existed.
The drinking, debauchery, psychosis, Kru's claims of suicidal tendencies. I could go on and on.
They let those things slide, and kept a sociopath and his scalpel together to experiment on the unsuspecting and innocent victims of ARD.

The truth from any of these players would have spared so many, but the chose to look the other way....towards the mirror and their own sick needs.

Their motivations for this behavior are unimaginable but if they led you to Germany you have every right to demand an answer from them!

As long as they got their Kru "fix".
As long as they were the big fish in a very small pond?

Perhaps they did not truly believe the miracles they purported to receive, as each of them silently slithered back to have subsequent surgeries with Dr.Kruschinski.

Symbiosis indeed!

( Melissa Steward had the dreaded abdolift umbilical adhesion at her second look surgery during her initial trip to Germany and claims to have PCOS, ya, whatever Melissa um er Karen er Laynia and I can't even remember the names you used on the old ARDchat message board to argue about Dr. Alan Johns. Anyhow, I am unsure if she skulked back to him, maybe she did and maybe she did not. If she did, nobody is saying. )
This is the most egregious example, as a mother used her own child to get a Kru fix!

They wrote under their own names and then used pseudonyms to make it seem that there were absolute throngs of people getting well from surgeries at Endogyn, Emma Klinik with Dr. "Miracle Max" Kruschinski.

They infiltrated and harvested patients for Dr. Kru from all former safe havens on the internet for adhesion sufferers.
They left damage and destruction in their wake without a second thought of the repercussions of their actions.
As long as they were pleasing their MASTER.

Tactics included kindness or intimidation and even the use of the Lord God himself to suit THEIR own agenda... the continuation of Endogyn and Kru.

Each new patient would keep Endogyn alive a little longer as the desperate hopeful person wired their cash ( begged and borrowed) directly to his bank account. Like an pyramid of loosely placed bricks. It was bound to crumble.

Hundreds of patients and obscene amounts of cash. Sports cars, wining and dining, mistresses, frequent trips and vacations First Class All the Way, ect, ect.

Kru plowed thru the money like a hot knife thru butter yet was insatiable and demanded more lambs to the slaughter. They were delivered to him too.

Did Kruschinski ever report this money to the German Taxman? I'm thinking probably not.

The Rouge's Gallery personal agendas kept them harvesting innocent, desperate, suffering, hopeless people. Kept feeding Kru his cash and stroking his already enormous ego.

Where are they now?
They are constantly going thru the pages of our websites. Right here, right now as you read this yourself, know that Helen and Lisa and the gang are reading right along with you. Kru too and his son and half of Germany.

Yet the Rouges' Gallery and their family of websites are as I said, eerily silent.

~~~and silence is golden~~~

We pray there are no more lambs to the slaughter and that justice will prevail.

It just goes to show you that "spin" will never win in the long run.
The only truth I ever knew to come from Karen Steward's mouth...."The truth will prevail".....
We agree with you Karen and will get it all documented too by the ARDvark family of websites.

A jaw- dropping document on Kruschinski is now being translated by our friends in Germany.
Stay tuned.


IHRT said...

Dr. Fabian D'Souza, President of BSP, observes: "Junicon's unique global market research capabilities drive deeper and more robust strategic insights for management consulting recommendations.
2. TiE - Boston : Join TiE
Published on: 8/18/2003   Last Visited: 1/5/2004
Fabian D'Souza MD, MBA President, Boston Strategic Partners, Inc.
Dr. D'Souza specializes in growth strategies for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. His work includes merger and acquisitions, technology collaborations, new product assessments, and market strategy. He has had both managerial and clinical experience with drug trials and has facilitated workshops for companies to speed drug development. Dr D'Souza works with major pharma/ medical device; private equity and biotech start-up firms. His efforts have included working with thought leaders across the globe to identify opportunities in several therapeutic areas, including: cardiovascular, interventional radiology, critical care, oncology, infectious disease, anesthesia, pain care and transplantation. Recently, he has been instrumental in helping clients extend the proprietary life of a cardiovascular drug and in developing a long-term vision for a neurosciences franchise. He has also enabled a diversified healthcare company protect its IP for a leading anti-microbial agent. Dr. D'Souza practiced Orthopedics in Pune, India; Wuerzburg and Ulm in Germany and at Oxford and Sheffield in the U.K. He received his medical degree from the University of Poona, India, with the Gold Medal for Surgery. He obtained his master's degree in Orthopedics from the University of Poona with a first prize-winning dissertation. In 1995 he earned his Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, UK and Ireland. In 1998, he received his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

So, Dr. D'sousa is it feasable?

Anonymous said...

Questions about the FEASIBILITY STUDY

Dear IHRT,

You are right about Dr. Kru.

You were right from the beginning.

Many of us did not want to believe you, but the evidence of his horrendous professional misconduct is overwhelming, especially the article which HE HIMSELF wrote, describing his RESEARCH on 35 patients from 2002-2004. He states "we investigated the feasibility and outcome.....".

I looked up feasibility in the college edition of the New World Dictionary. The definitions listed there are: "capable of being done, practicable, possible, within reason, likely, capable of being used, dealt with successfully, suitable".

Oh my gosh! He had no idea if his methods of abdolift and spraygel would even work!!!

I am so angry and anguished that I was in a research study without my permission!!!

I clearly remember him telling me that he had used abodolift and apray gel together, on hundreds of German and other European patients.

What can I do now? If he is out of business as you say, and not even reachable, what is the use of even trying to contact him.

Anonymous said...

Why I am now silent:

I do not appreciate you naming names in your BLOG.

I got to him the same way other Americans did in the beginning, from things written on the IAS. I called a few people,who sung his praises, I went to him, he helped me. I had to go back, because I had an umbilical hernia, and I was afraid that if I had a hernia repair in the U.S., I would develop more adhesions, because SprayGel is not allowed yet in U.S. I do not have any idea if my hernia was caused by the abdolift. I never thought that the abdolift could have been the cause until IHRT brought it up. It seems that lots of peope developed umbilical hernias, and yes you are right, he at one time showed a photo on his web site of an adhesion at the site where the abdolift goes in and comes out, and he stated that it was "unpreventable", because a small wound was left there.

My medical condition at present is nobody's business but my own.

I took my name off the patient contact list, so nobody called me for my opinion after that. Before that, when I still believed he was on the level, I did talk to lots os people. But, I did not coerce anybody nor did I "harvest" them. At that time, I still believed he had the answer and that he was honest, and I was trying to help other people.

Please let this case rest and stop naming names. If a person is no longer posting hoorays for him, leave them alone.

I am NOT the only person who removed my name from the Pt. Contact List. Removing my name from the Pt. Contact List was my idea, because by then I was unsure about everything, and did not want to give false hope to anyone.

At first I thought that IHRT was crazy, or comprised of people taking pain meds, why else would they accuse a good doctor of all kinds of things, but now I just do not know.

To my knowledge one of the main persons who started IHRT never even had surgery by him, so I just do not understand why she had such a grudge against him.

The entire thing is a nightmare for me. I want nothing more to do with it.

Leave me alone please.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bloggers:

I am not a pt. I am not a pt.- advocate. I am a talent scout, always on the lookout for screen writers.
A few months ago, a friend told me about the interesting and wacky stories on two BLOGS: Ardvark and IHRT.
I must say that you have provided me with a lot of entertainment!
Keep up the good stories!
It was more fun when the doctor himself was responding, and what exactly is the relationship between him and Hurricane?
You folks could get a job in are so good you should get paid. And the Dr. with the regression photos is really funny also.
Would you be interested in writing a screen play based on this story? If so, contact me. I will be in the cathedral at 6 pm on Sunday, at Palma de Mallorca. But call me first. 1-888-hot news.
Francis Acapello

Anonymous said...

I don't get why everybody is so surprised that he used us for research subjects. It was clear he was doing experimental treatment. I tried to get Medline/PubMed peer reviewed articles on gasless/spray gel surgery so that I could get my insurance to pay for my surgery and there was nothing there-only self serving blurbs from Kru on what he was planning to prove. Of course, my insurance refused to cover the surgery. THERE WERE NO PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES , no decent sample size for regression analysis and nothing but his self serving statements. I knew this, I had it figured out long before I ever went to Germany.

But no U.S. doctor was going to touch me. My insides were so fouled up by the lovely mess that earlier surgeons had made that any U.S. surgeon took a look at my history and ran. They didn't want a potential colostomy in a 40 year old woman on their operating table.

So I went. I didn't expect miracles (My husband did-thats why we are getting divorced now and thats another story). I expected that this doctor would believe that adhesions were real, would believe that I couldn't go to the bathroom and that I peed blood and maybe, just maybe, he might be able to make things a little better.

And he did. Yes, he is a poor researcher and doesn't stand much of a chance of ever having a peer reviewed study on medline. Yes, he drives expensive sport cars, yes he has mistresses. Don't US doctors have sport cars and mistresses and drinking problems? Last time I looked, they did.

I CAN go to the bathroom now. I don't have to go on a liquid diet every time I feel myself getting clogged up. I CAN eat salad and popcorn. Couldn't before-that would have meant a sure trip to the ER. However, I still have terrible pain. Alot of days its like one big contraction that never stops. Do I have to use pain meds-absolutely. So, there is the good and the bad-just like with everyone.

What it comes down to is expectations, and definitely, people like that one girl's mother should not be on the web claiming that Kru can cure everything from headaches to infertility. All you can pray for with this disease is baby steps toward improving.

Anything more is a fallacy and honestly, I believe that Kru's little cheerleading squad did more to plant unreasonable expectations than he did.

I think that everyone should just realize tht Kru is a man just like any other man and he will take the sexual opportunity offered to him. Why not? Every body else does? He will also close that " compartment of his head" when he operates Maybe all of this will have taught him something and he will better bedside manners for the people who become so nervous and scared.

Anonymous said...

Attn Lisa Graven and others who were the first to encourage pts. to go to Germany:

Remember that one pt's husband told of something he witnessed? Kru was called by the nurses in Emma because the pt. had a really low blood pressure after surgery, and when Kru got there, he mocked and humiliated her in front of her husband and the two nurses. Her stay in Emma Klinic was anything but a pleasant vacation, and she feels lucky to have escaped with her life, and she remains in great pain.
Her name was Tonya, and she and her husband wrote about what happened to her there, I think it first appeared on Kru's message board, but is no longer there, because a couple months ago, Kru cleaned off all the personal messages, both good and bad. However, that corresondance between Kru and Tonya and Tonya's husband eventually was sent to this web site, and it is still on this web site. I think it is called "Please Help Tonya", or "Tonya's Story". It includes correspondance back and forth from Tonya and her husband to Kru. The correspondance from Kru includes quotes from Kru such as "Are you not a man?".

This guy Kru obviously displayed very erratic behavior on many occasions.

He seems to be "impaired". I think it was a good thing that IHRT did in exposing him.
Nobody could get the truth from him, that is for sure.

We would never even know if he killed someone.

I do not believe him when he now says that he did such and such pt. in another place in Germany.

He has been barred from doing surgery in lots of places in Germany.

What those who went to Emma Klinic had no way of knowing, is that he was barred from at least five klinics before he started at Emma.

Lisa Graven, the U.S. contact person should not be blamed for giving out Kru's contact number, unless she knew that he had been barred from doing surgery at other places.

How did she, Lisa Graven, get involved with Kru?
She says she was the first U.S. person to go there.
Lisa, are you reading this?
If so, many people would like to know how it was that you first heard about Kru? Did you know that his methods were experimental? How many times, if any, did you have to go back for repeat surgery? How are you doing today?
With all the patients you "helped" to get to Germany, did you tell them that many people had to make return trips, that many had horrible results, or did you just keep saying, "90%of patients are made pain-free)?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you insist on attacking people who are only explaining what happened to them in Germany that was good. Please leave these people alone. Why in the world would you give out someone's personal phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. That should be against the law. I posted a comment a few days ago and I have never seen it on your blogger. I guess when anyone disagrees with you, the comments are not put on the board. Sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous who wrote the above comment:

I am not a member of IHRT, but I have been following it, because of my own horrible experiences of multiple surgeries by Kru.

Regarding posting comments. Sometimes you have to type the string of letters in the "string verification box" a few times to make it work. Then your comment immediately shows up.

Regarding your statement, "why would anyone give out someone's personl phone number, addresses, and e-mail addresses", are you referring to the "Pt'. Contact List" on
There is a statement on there that says that all those people gave their permission to Endogyn to have their personal information posted there.
If someone has written to Kru, or posted on his message board or on IHRT that they are so much worse from the surgeries they had, or that they had to go back multiple times and are still no better, then Kru removes their name. That happened to me, and to several other people I have been in contact with.
Kru removes the names of people who would NOT be encouraging to potential new pts.

As for the "soap opera", I agree it is getting kind of redundant.

But it brings attention to the IHRT site, and serves to further IHRT's goal, which is prevent other people from being uniformed victims of unethical or unsafe doctors.

Anonymous said...

Dear anomymous,
I am very sorry that you were not helped in Germany. Just for your information, I did enter my email correctly, someone just decided not to post it. It was about my first hand knowledge of Karen and Melissa.

As for the "soap opera" bringing attention to the site, it is bringing some negativity also. The postings are way too long and a lot of people get tired of reading the soap's nonsense. All everyone wants is to find a way to live without pain and a soap in no way can help relieve pain.

I am truely sorry for the pain Dr. Kru caused you and other people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words to those in pain caused by Dr. Kru.

The "comment moderator" has not been on for a couple of weeks, so if you would like to post the information you have about Karen and Melissa, the system is open to all comments