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Monday, September 25, 2006

Kruschinski's Meeting Agenda

Daniel Kruschinski's lecturing agenda looks pretty full now that he is no longer associated with the Krankenhaus - Rotthalmuenster - near Passau, and is no longer associated with ANY medical facility to perform surgeries, gasless or otherwise.

(Do not take IHRT's word for this, ask Krankenhaus Rotthalmünster yourself!)
* Simbacher Straße 3594094

* Rotthalmünster Telefon 0 8533 - 99 0 *

!!!!!!IMPORTANT "Kru" things IHRT is keeping an eye on for you!!!!!!!

Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!

IHRT is watching for this upcoming meeting where we see Kruschinski scheduled to present on, of all things "Gasless Laporoscopy!"
(These following schedules of Kruschinski's lectures are so ridiculous that IHRT can hardly believe their eyes when they read these things! Either someone is really off base here and lives with their head in the clouds, or they are oblivious to the current "Kru" status within the medical community, such as that he is no longer practicing medicine!

Maybe the organizers of these meetings are just severely behind the times of how much progress is being made for persons afflicted with "Adhesion Related Disorder" but the good news is that WE know the areas in which that is happening and do not have to depend on Doctors for that!

IHRT will help educate them to the "Kru" facts.....

There IS no such procedure as "GasLess" laporoscopy in Kruschinski's current or future practice, as he has no practice, no research, no statistics, no office, no patients, no abdolift, no nothing! "Kru" is a now a nothing, a non-entity, to those who are wise enough to have figured him out!
Maybe one of these organizers should ask Kru where he intends to secure an "abdominal wall lifting system" and how he got his "statistics" for his "gasless research presentations,"
such as experimenting on unsuspecting patients to Endogyn from 2003 - 2006!

"Gasless" laporoscopy is a NON issue, defunct, gone, poof, scrapped & abolished for use in adhesiolysis procedures in progressive countries!
(Unless you are looking to secure this procedure in a country that has no other means to perform a surgery because Co2 is not available!)

So, what is the interest in this subject now? There is no reason at all for this subject to be presented let alone discussed! If this is how these Doctors fill their time at these meetings, it is pretty desperate and they need to turn to real issues with real means of producing on them..unlike anything "Kru" can offer!

COUNT DOWN to PAX meeting..........

7th PAX Meeting
Leuven, Belgium 2006 Sept 28-30
Meeting on "The Peritoneal Cavity Adhesion Formation Tumor Implantation."

Kruschinski is scheduled to present at this meeting on:
Friday 29th of September 2006
Mesh Biology Peritoneal immunology
Session 3 The CO2 pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopy
"Gazless laparoscopy Daniel Kruschinski"

Kru is busy in Belgium! (Skynet)
Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 224 returning visits
27th September 2006
10:49:15 AM


The ISGE 10th Regional meeting in Beijing, China, Friday September 22nd - 25th Kruschinski is scheduled to present at three different times during this meeting, AND "Kru" is VERY busy surfing the Internet besides....he IS a busy, busy man! Lets take a look!

Here are "Kru's" visits to IHRT.....
Beijing, Beijing, China, 214 returning visits
20th September 2006
09:19:27 PM
21st September 2006
05:26:46 AM
21st September 2006
09:24:37 PM
22nd September 2006
04:49:42 AM
22nd September 2006
06:36:43 PM
23rd September 2006
08:51:47 PM
24th September 2006
04:52:05 AM
24th September 2006
09:17:56 PM
25th September 2006
12:25:40 PM

Here are "Kru's" scheduled presentation while in China:
(Though it appears that he spent considerable time in his hotel on the computer!!)
(Also note the Mettler/Kruschinski / Reich connection as ussual!)

**Saturday, Sept. 23, 2006
12:30 ModeratorЈєDaniel KruschinskiЈ¬Zhiqing Liang
**Sunday, Sept. 24, 2006
12:30 Moderator: Liselotte MettlerЈ¬Xiang Xue
S6-3 Session 3
Gazless laparoscopy Daniel Kruschinski

Lift (Gasless) -Laparoscopic adhesiolysis and application of SprayGel™ A novel approach to reduce adhesion formation and reformation-Daniel Kruschinski (Germany)
**Sunday, Sept. 24, 2006
16:00 Moderator: Peter O’DonovanЈ¬Jinhua Leng
S8-1 Lift- (gasless) Laparoscopy - 15 years avoiding laparotomy - Daniel Kruschinski (Germany)

IHRT knows that Kruschinski went to a bakery one evening, however, he went a bit "nutsy" by asking the baker lady if she was a spy for the Americans!!! He is paranoid, that's for sure, and with good reason!

(Yes, Kru, everybody, everywhere there IS watching you and talking about you, and many reporting on you too!)

IHRT keeping an "eye" on every move Kru makes or doesn't make!


Next IHRT finds "Kru" is scheduled to present at the : 16th ISGE Congress 2007, Osaka, Japan March 18th - 21st

Invited Speakers: Daniel Kruschinski

IHRT predicts that Kruschinski WILL NOT show up in Japan!

"Losers International"

Last, but not least, IHRT found Kruschinski scheduled to receive an "Award" from another organization he belongs to!

IHRT predicts that "Kru" WILL attend this meeting as he is the man of the evening, and is sure to get lots of attention from his croonies in the "LOSERS" International, where he will receive the, " Lifetime Loser" award for 2006!


Kru was a no show when the keys to the Rodell Apartment/office were requested to be turned over to the landlord or charges would be pressed against Kru for theft for keeping the keys after being evicted from the Rondell, and still oweing money!!

Kru was a no show, but the keys were turned over, by the ever faithful Mrs. Lotts!


Kruschinski, you coward! Hiding behind this lady!

Oh well, what did IHRT expect, after all he IS a loser!


"Endogate Continues"


"Kru" flew to China after he was "fired" from Rotthalmünster-AyurSan, leaving behind his belonging, (which are cluttering up a desk there.) Today"Kru" is in Belgium where he is back within range of the police in Germany, and of course, under the ever watchful "eyes" of the IHRT spys!

What IHRT knows to date is that "Kru" and Michi were living in an apartment above an insurance company in Passauer Straße 22, 94095 Rotthalmuenster, Telefonnummer 08533 91 86 57, but as of last week his cellphone was unavailable, (he was in China) however, today it is again in service, (as he is in Belgium.)

IHRT's take on this is that "Kru" knows he is getting deeper in financial trouble not to mention medical trouble, ex-wife trouble, mistress trouble, business trouble, rental trouble, not to mention the Mercedes issue, and on and on, and he needed to "escape" in an attempt to get away from all his woes, a common criminal mindset! With cooperative efforts from his cohorts in crime, they planned his escape into China, having him hang around there for a few days then fly into Belgium, to the PAX meeting which starts tomorrow. "Kru" is in Belgium, and though he is on the docket as a speaker, IHRT highly doubts that the PAX will have Kru speak on an issue as antiquated as "Gasless" surgery, as what's the point of that, and we do see him spending lots of time on a computer today!

IHRT predicts that "Kru" plans to drive back into Germany, avoiding airports where his passport can easily be spotted as a criminal, and he intends to find another "hiding" place in Germany thinking he will be able to manipulate his future and not be brought to justice for his crime spree! Did he plan to use China & Belgium as part of his escape back into Germany and in hiding with Michi...IHRT will watch this as it develops!

IHRT's message for "Kru" is can run and you can hide, but you are not doing surgeries on unsuspecting victims anymore, and for this we have accomplished our task! However, if you think that you are not being watched, then you know little of what can be accomplished in Europe when you want information...Mata Hari may be long gone from this earth, but who is to say she didn't have a Granddaughter!

Will you really ever know when she might be around or in which form she will appear....perhaps working in a German Bakery or perhaps appearing as a friend to you, but not!


Anonymous said...

Dear IHRT,
It is very common for doctors to give presentations on the same topic, over and over, in various places around the world.
Those listening to Kru might be favorably impressed by his presentation, because he will just state that 90% of pts. were adhesion free at the second look. He will not tell what happened to them later.
The audience will have no way of verifying his remarks.
He will not mention that his procedure was experimental.

Anonymous said...

Dear Authors, you should be put behind bars for the false accusations you are publishing here! If I would have some executing power - I would immediately put you into a mental hospital FOREVER.
Stay with the truth - that a certain amount of patients couldn't be helped the way they expected and just leave out the slander. You are a shame for the U.S.american society!

Anonymous said...

ps: I am courious to see how long my comment will stay "open for public eyes" - or if you remove them - as everything you remove which you don't like! Ha - so far to the freedom of speech. Poor America.....

IHRT said...

Dear Kru,
Thanks for your comments....IHRT and all its MANY readers are happy to hear that you are still reading our site. We invite you to make some comments on the latest IHRT Blog.

Now we have some comments to make to you. Why did you remove certain things from your site???????

1. You removed contact information from your Pt. Contact List from those pts. you know had bad outcomes. Do you think that people did not notice that?

2. You removed all your remarks about "It was NOT Researh, there was NO STUDY".

But IHRT has it cached and we can publish it any time we want to.

Even many of those pts. who say they had a good surgical outcome from you are really ANGRY that you did not tell them that they were in a research study. You would be surprised how many people are really upset with you!

We invite more comments from you, such as:

1.Please explain why you did not tell patients they were in a research study.

2. Please explain why you were dismissed from Ayurvan.

3. Please explain why you were DISMISSED from all the places you worked before you started at EMMA.

4. Please explain why you do not update the information regarding how many surgeries your patients had. You are advertising, so make the advertising true. Stop the false advertising.

5. Please explain why the surgical report written by you after the first and second looks of D.R. state that her uterus is adhesed to some other structure, when in actuality, her uterus was removed years before. Please explain why you wrote that she had no adhesions on her second look, yet on the VIDEO and the written report regarding her subsequent surgery by another doctor in the U.S., CALCIFIED adhesions are shown and written about. These calcified achesions could not possibly have developed in the few months between her trip to Emma and her final surgery in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha why do you think athat every good or friendly word written about Dr. Kru that he writes it himself? Well - he is NOT! I am sure he has better things to do than write comments on your site. so don't expect an answer - here is only one of his many happy and succesfully healed patients trying to stop your slander!

IHRT said...

Oh Kru,
You are so funny. October 04,2006 2:06 pm stat counter hit from Hessen.
See above written, by you, at that precise time.

Technology "outs" you again.

PS: Our German spies send us the German endogyn digest every day. Nice explanation you wrote for why things did not work out for you at Krack House Rotweiller. The chief of staff did not like the fact that you were using an experimental technology, the pt had to lay in the hospital for 14 days, she had two surgeries, and there were reimibursement problems.
Seems like you better just stick with "cash only, and in advance", if you want to regain your previous lifestyle of the rich and the famous.