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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

Forgive me for not partaking in a very long time

shosho46 Advanced
Gender: Female Location: Oregon Registered: Feb 2005 Status: Offline Posts: 53 Hi everyone! It has been such a long time since I have written. Things have been so rough. I quit my job last June 2007. I qualified for disability in Dec. 2007. I am back in adhesion HELL and I hate it! FYI...It has nothing to do with Dr. K, and his abilities as a surgeon. After getting hurt at the grocery store, then last Feb. 2007, I had my gallbladder removed. We believe Cheryl was impailed through the gallbladder by an especially wobbly shopping cart. Just tragic, right after her surgery with many "unfortunate" things seem to happen to folks right after thier surgery with Kru. Boy does this spiel sound familiar......

(I have written back and forth to Dr. K and told him some of this) My surgeon was so excited after my surgery he was literally bouncing down the halls of the hospital. How do ya know if you were asleep?When I came to, he told me that my surgery in Germany was quite a success and that the surgeon ( Dr. K) really knew what he was doing. HELLO!! we all knew that!! Dr. Strauss (surgeon) still had to remove a few adhesions here and there, but I know that they were caused by my injuries at the grocery store.

Since my surgery because of being given gas again, and because my surgeon cut away a few adhesions ( no barrier was used) they are BACK. They just control my life again and I so hate it. It is just not an option for me to go back at this time. However when I find a way, Dr. K will be the first to know. It is all so difficult. I live on percocet, methadone, and morpheine. I don't even remember the last time that I slept all night. I am pretty limited with what I can do, but at the same time I don't just sit here on my rear end all day long either. I do alot of things that I should not do, then I pay for it dearly. What is so bad is when you are on so many pain meds and they don't even touch the pain. I curl up with my heating pad and just want to scream actually die is really the word I want to use. I look back to 3 years ago, I was getting ready for my trip and surgeries, and meeting Dr. K. It was the first time that I ever had a surgery and I was not afraid. I was relatively calm through it all. My Family Dr. sent me a note about getting this book to read. It is "They Can't Find Anything Wrong" by David D. Clarke. Then he went on to write that he feels that my chronic abdominal pain is related to the emotional factors in my life. Boy does he need to be set straight. This has really upset me. Karen, I am sure that you are reading this . I cannot find any info on your book, I know that I want to purchase a few of them, and one for him. I just feel very crushed! When I had my surgeries 3 years ago, it was so awesome to stand up straight, go for a walk and not double over. Not rip and tear before, during and after bowel movements. To not feel that sharp knife stabbing me constantly. I will be finding a new doctor. My Gastro wants me to go up to OHSU in Portland to the pain clinic for a "Celiac Plexis Block". I am really not in any hurry, nor do I feel that it will help. I know what is wrong even though they no longer believe in me. There is just nothing like being kicked in the guts over and over even by doctors. I am very Blessed, I have wonderful family support, and they also know what it is, They all see me trying to deal every day watching me live with this. I do have a full load, both of my sons are moved back home, my husband is also disabled, my youngest son has FAI Femoralacetabular impingement syndrome, and will be having hip surgery at 21. My oldest is divorced, and also shares Gastroparesis with me and he is Bi Polar he is 25. But, who does NOT have problems? Everyone does. Ok, I have whined enough. Thanks so much for listening again. I do have people call me periodically about going to Dr. K. for surgery. There were a few from Oregon too. I really wanted to meet someone that shares the same illness. One person I emailed back to, I must have scared the Bejeebers out of her about maybe meeting her for coffee and talking in person. I never heard back again from her hmmm... If anyone has any new ideas email me, or possibly if there may be meds that I do not know about that might help more than what I am taking. God Bless all of you, I promise to be better about keeping in touch. Karen congrats to Melissa on new precious baby girl, and to you and the family. It is so nice to hear that she is doing well. I did have a very dear friend tell me that I am going through all of this yet again for a reason, I just need to be patient until God lets me know what it is. Thanks, Cheryl D.

But Cheryl, no lawsuit, life ruined in a supermarket!

It's just hard to believe you did not sue this ever so negligent supermarket.
Sounds like a settled out of court case if ever i heard 1.

Why didn't you go back to Kruschinski with yer big bag o money?

EndoGyn Apollo Stuttgart is open and it would help others ( you're all so altruistic) as Kruschinski needs a certain amount of patients before he will perform any surgeries.

You should really talk to Sandy...........

Enter patient advocate Sandy Sampson.
She is doing super awesome sez she, after a surgery with Kru and whatever Krew he could muster up at the time.
Posted Thursday, April 10, 2008 @ 09:04 PM Dear Cherly, I am sorry about your new adhesions. I hope you find a way to get back to Dr. Kruschinski. Believe me, if I was wealthy I'd send you the money. I wish we could get Dr. K to come here to do the surgeries and have our insurances pay it but that is just a dream. May God give you courage and strength for you and your family. sincerely Sandy
Did you know Sandy and her husband brought a highly trained German Shuntzhund when she went for her surgery and now I believe Sandy breeds and trains them.

I'd listen to Sandy, she's so worldly, shes been a marine, a longshoreman and travelling art scholar and she has friends in high places. Here is her painting "The Scream".

Sandy want you to see Kru:
Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2008 @ 11:01 PM It's easier for that surgeon who didn't know how to do the surgery to blame the product and make spraygel the scapegoat but the patients best bet would be to go to Dr. Kruschinski and ENDOGYN, sandy
Adhesiolysis via gasless Lift-Laparoscopy with SprayGel AdhesionsDate: 17.01.2007
She is a patient advocate for Dr. Daniel Kruschinski. Unfortunatly she accidently gave an improper phone number but IHRT has the correct details so that you can talk to her about her experience. She's In with the In crowd, has her finger on the pulse.
Please contact Sandra Sampson for a scientific evaluation of your choices regarding your Adhesion Related Disorder.

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