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Monday, April 28, 2008

Richard E. Schlanger, M.D susposed adhesion specialist Medical Malpractice

With the same "patient advocate" system Kruschinski has just way more underground...through Bombobeach.

The same place they used their own special mixture of ground up seprafilm and god knows what, to prevent adhesions.
By the endless sufferering we see on the pages of Bombobeach he is certainly no adhesion specialist and a pretty rotten wound healing specialist to boot.

Hopefully we can soon say goodbye to another doc who preys on the despaarate and suffering victims of adheson related disorder and capps.

Civil Case Inquiry
Case Type: MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, Assigned To: JUDGE CLARK B. WEAVER SR ... Richard E. Schlanger, M.D., et al.; filed by Hans Scherner, attorney for - 58k - Cached - Similar pages

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