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Thursday, April 03, 2008


With Friends Like Karen Steward......Who need enemies????

IHRT could not agree more with the insightfull writings of Aron Silberstein, in his blog,

"One observation of importance to us is the inappropriateness of a scholar demeaning himself by public exhibition of his vulnerabilities, brought on by his addictions. To use the Internet in the fashion as you have done to portray yourself as a professional has only served to allow others to enable your weaknesses to become public fodder. The people who call themselves your friends and respond to your words written when your under an evil influence only mock you and urge you to say more words as one who has to much drink. These women show a lack of self-respect and intellect with words seeming of lewd intent. These women have done nothing more then dishonor your person and family name. They also entice you to write in the Internet because they too live dishonorable lives and use words that also show them to fight addictions!"

We believe your spot on and here is a prime example of one of Kruschinski friends.....telling lies to promote him and of course the absolute swooning that oozes forth like a scene from the movie Fatal Attraction....

We can't belive these public actions ourselves but have a good laugh speculating.

PERHAPS ~ The "Love" saga of a frustrated Texas housewife ~

Perhaps it is love, or perhaps it is infatuation?
Perhaps it is a "fantasy," which is safer then an "affair?
Perhaps the "lusting" of a frustrated Texas housewife over someone she can't have?

Perhaps a sick obsession with your daughters Ob/Gyn?

Perhaps words written under the influence of "Gin?"
Whatever it is causing this "swooning" over a strange, fat, balding, criminal, alcoholic, carousing, con-man surgeon in Germany, it is obvious that Karen Steward of Texas is head over heels about him based on all her foolish, star struck posts, in IHRT's opinion! All the little "cutesy icons" one can see in this IHRT blog are readily found in all her posts about Daniel Kruschinski of the now defunct Endogyn. (Endogyn-which was nothing more then a web-site filled with fraud and deceit, along with fast pitched bogus money making schemes against desperate vulnerable patient.)

"Ahhhhhh, my kutchy koo Kru!"
How I love to run my fingers through your...ah, uhm, oh never mind, let's just get drunk!"

The behaviors exhibited by this mother and grandmother, not to mention wife, indicates that she needs to grown up and stop embarrassing her family, and herself, with such "high school" antics. (It does seem to be the "norm" for mothers in Texas to act this way though as they all seem to want to be "teenagers" forever!)
When an old lady like Karen writes "love" letters" to her daughters Ob/Gyn for 5 years and in such public venues, it doesn't take to much to realize she has some serious issues and might need a psych evaluation! (If not be committed!)
Image what thier "private = PM" communications must read like, as Kruschinski tells her in HIS posts in Endogyn!
"Posted Wednesday, March 26, 2008 @ 10:14 AM
" I will write you a PM. Regards to you, Melissa, and all your family."
Dr. Kruschinski
If IHRT were to guess which reason listed above was the cause of her
"swooning" over Kru, it would definitely be the " frustrated" housewife! Why? Well, it's all in the book she wrote about Kruschinski!
NO! Not the part about her running all over town at night like some nut bag, arms flailing in the air and crying because she was having one of her fits of anger at life, but the parts where she is hating her husband and giving him the "eye" because he could do no right by her or the family! (In her book, she also hates everyone else in her town, mocks them too, and gives the evil "judgmental" eye while looking them "up & down! Typical "Texas Soccar" Mom!)
The parts in the book where she mocks her husband, yup, she mocks her husband and says so many nasty things about him in her book that it is no wonder why she sees Kruschinski as "special" and latched onto him like a parasite!
Even Kru can't seem to get rid of her, and he has tried! IHRT thought that Kruschinski went into hiding from the tax & debt collectors, but it was to hide from Karen!
Is it a wonder why Kruschinski doesn't post on his own web site anymore..he's afraid of what Karen will pop up with and trust IHRT on this one, folks, Kru has enough going against him without someone like Karen Steward obsessing over him and posting her foolishness all over the Internet!!
Her poor family, OMG! (IHRT has heard that her husband is a "weeny" and she rules his roost, so she is needing a MAN! Yup, a real rustic, ramble rousing old west type drinkin MAN! With a German accent, a wife and mistress and lots of kids who are involved in porn, THAT'S a man for Karen to blab about all right.)

When Karen Steward pops up anywhere, she always opens the door for some good laughs, and some interesting observations, and 99.9% these observations are NOT in her best interest, and with "friends" like Karen Steward, is it a wonder Kruschinski was found out and taken out so easily?

One observation associated with this post is that Karen elected NOT to post it in Endogyn, rather, she "tucked" it away in her private non visible blog! This is probably due to one of two reason, if not for both reasons, which are as follows:
" Her posts are not wanted in Endogyn," and/or " She knows that a post like this in Endogyn has no means of support for her words as Kru is a nothing in a nothing web site and cannot offer anyone anything anymore!" Simple deductions!
~~~~ (NOW you will see Karen's post here show up in Endogyn!)~~~~

Karen's post
Five Years....Thanks to Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, Germany

April 2008 will mark five years since Melissa was freed from her once debilitating and painful condition of adhesion related disorder. Melissa and our entire family continues to rejoice at the miraculous turnaround that was made in her life due to one special surgeon, Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, of Germany. Dr. Kruschinski is the surgeon who knows the illness of adhesions inside out. His success against this illness is unparalleled...thus, he is viciously attacked via the Internet by those who wish to destroy this brilliant surgeon and his many victories over this dreadful illness. (IHRT accepts the honor of being party to the accusations of "attacks" against Kruschinski as IHRT has most definitely been frying him in the pan for 5 years, AND we are happy to announce that it is our intention to"flip him over now and fry the hell out of him until his stench is burnt to a crisp!")

How many doctors (surgeons) encourage those who are sick to contact his former patients?
(IHRT agrees that, "ONLY Kruschinski would do such a cheap thing like that on the Internet. However, in his case it is called, "unprofessional exploitation" of the ill and is simply one of his many cheap frauds in his web site.)
No doubt, Dr. Kruschinski has raised the bar of excellence when it comes to "treating" a patient. See: Patient List (IHRT points out that this patient list is misleading as many of the patients had to make numerous trips to Endogyn for more operations, but that is not listed here! Karen doesn't mention that little fact, does she?)

Thanks Dr. Kruschinski. You gave us a gift that we had prayed for for years on end. May your life be richly blessed and may you continue on to help those who are in pain.
(IHRT reminds Karen that Kruschinski is NOT practicing anywhere to offer patients anything. In fact, the Abdolift, gas-less technique and anything else surrounding Kruschinki is just not happening anywhere! Endogyn is an empty web site with no medical associations in which one might contact him for anything! It is easy to validate IHRT's claim here as anyone can try to get a gas-less surgery with Kruschinski, it will not happen as he is finished! Endogyn is just an empty web site, thus all of the information in Karen's book about Kruschinski is obsolete, with one exception and that is that it still appears that she hates her husband! Heck, her daughter isn't even well!)
So much for Karen Steward's ramblings as a heart sick lover scorned by her daughters Ob/Gyn..IHRT does suggest that Karen go to Germany, get her Ob/Gyn exam from Kru in his back alley tele-consulting service and get over him!
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