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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Karen Hyperlinks to Endogyn

Karen Hyperlinks to Endogyn to plug her book but ones home anymore!
No gasless, no spraygel, no more Kruschinski. Karen daughter had a dang bowel obstruction and still has issues w/PCOS? How does that make one adhesion free and pain free???? I'm waiting.

Seems like a totally different set of circumstances occured than those depicted Karen Stewards book!

Even when Kruschinski goes to jail Kru's harvesting crew will probably try to sneak patients past the gaurds lol......
Now, for the good news. We all know that when a washer is working properly, it does stop spinning. The spinning of the machine begins to slow and soon there is a screeching halt, the brakes are applied, so to speak, and the machine STOPS. If you've ever watched this process, you can see the clothes fall from the sides of the tub, in an "AHHHHH! Glad that's over!" fashion. No longer are they held to the sides of a demanding spin, unable to pull away from the centrifugal forces that kept them bound. For the ARD sufferer whose life has been spinning out of control there is hope and help.
Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, a surgeon in Germany,
ENDOGYN has been instrumental in helping countless ARD sufferers regain their lives. (sez you and him lol)His knowledge against this illness is unparalleled. For my daughter, 14 years of medical spinning stopped when we set foot on German soil.
In April, 2008, we will be celebrating Melissa's FIFTH year of freedom from the painful disorder of ARD, thanks to the brilliance of one surgeon, Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, and his boldness in pioneering a new method of adhesiolysis for the person who suffers from ARD.
For more information about Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, see ENDOGYN These links may be of help as well:
Patient Contacts
Why Gassless

The Funniest part is that these links lead to non existant pages in Endogyn but I guess it's good enough for de boss man~

Whats up with that?


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