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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

THREE THOUSAND People Can't be Wrong!

Babelfish translation
In English:
Gas lot/with gas - physicians do not know the difference show A printable version naechter old contribution Author of contributions Miltenberger master Sex: womanlike origin: Registered: Maer 2005 status: Off-line of contributions: 492 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted Tuesday, 29 January 2008 @ 09:46:16 Hello, my sister works in a conventional hospital. On weekend day of the open door and it were were added straight, as the new Gynaekologe of a woman explained the Laparaskopie. She said that she had read in the InterNet that there would today already be Laparaskopien without gas. The physician: "so for a long time the highest boss and professor of the Charité in Berlin the belly reflection in conventional way, thus with gas make, then that will already have its sense!" My sister: "I have seen that one needs many longer instruments with the OI with gas, that am nevertheless difficult or?" The physician: "you must raise the abdominal wall and for that, that somehow without gas make use clamps, which it fixes at the skin and so that pulls up the belly. That gives then however enormous Bluterguesse!" Why he cannot say simply: "that is interesting, perhaps can you to me times tell, as functions or: "where I can look at myself that times?". SchaPu

doc_kru masters + Sex: male origin: Registered: October 2003 status: Off-line of contributions: 622 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted Tuesday, 29 January 2008 @ 12:44:06 that is exactly the fatal! An unreasonable argumentation, which shows simply a narrow-mindedness, how physicians judge of somewhat that they do not know. It is not even interest there to learn something or inform. The advantage, which we meanwhile with the many visitors on our sides (DAILY approx.. THREE THOUSAND) have to have to be occupied are the fact that we many patients reach, who inquire after the gasless elevator Laparoskopie in the hospitals and perhaps bring these a daily to it, with it because the OI are successes with us already enormously and speaks itself over. An appraisal of the MDK of the compulsory health insurance scheme is me come into the hands where those so far three-test argumentation is probably spoken: "admits is that one cannot do anything against growing together eh, therefore is a OI also not necessarily..., these would be indicated only in an emergency." It poor patients, if you must strike yourselves with such cashes and MDK's, which also still finance you with your membership dues. Greeting ------------------- Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,, elevator © by EndoGyn Ltd..

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