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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Kruschinski saw what Spraygel did and did nothing but ask you for more money for more surgery

Another Endogyn blast from the past. Undated info includes Sally and Lisa still by his side. I had a reaction to spraygel too...but no one seemed to care at that point. Sally's appendix is supposed to have bust on the plane back from Germany. This we believe as others had mysterious organ removals right after their surgeries at Endogyn. Perhaps it was the 7 kits of spraygel he used. The label say use 2 kits.

I feel he has seen and happily re operated on those who had complications from spray gel. After receiving complaints from Dr. Hanifa Koya, as she noticed an alarming rate of re operations and unusual scarring after using spraygel...the manufacturer quielty and with no stated reason, reformulated Spraygel into SprayShield.

....and Kruschinski saw, All those operations and then the re operations. One young man had 7 operations with Kruschinski till all his families money was gone and then he took his life as he still writhed in agony from all the unsuccessful surgeries.

IHRT often asks why are men going to a gynecologist anyways???

SO here you have an IHRT Blast from the Past that we can look at with clearer eyes.
Really, do not take this very expensive and dangerous chance with you life.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The" Two Faces" of Sally Grigg exposed!

Ladies at Endogyn: DO NOT read this post as there exists a possibility that you will not be “Happy Apples!”

IHRT has included additional material showing what appear to be some very dysfunctional people posting in Endogyn. Be warry of anything that is posted in Endogyn, as it is filled with emotion, dysfunction, miss-representations, and at times, actual lies, and it appears that these ladies do it to seek the attention and favor of "Kru!"

IHRT has said it before, and we will say it again, " Kru" is like a dirty uncle playing in a sandbox with little children so he can prey on their vulnerabilities to stroke his ego and sick needs of approval. A preditor in thier midst and that appears most evident when you read the behaviors of the "usuals" who post there! How could anyone take the words of people who display such dysfunctional behaviors and schedule a surgery with this "cheesy" "Kru" after listeneing to them "goo and coo over" him? That behavior alone is sic! (Note that even his patient have no respect for this man as a proffesional, calling him, "Kru!" Is this the type of person YOU would want performing surgery on you? YUCK!

IHRT guess's that they don't!

The" Two Faces" of Sally Grigg exposed!

Sally says one thing in public, and another thing in private! Her claims have more holes in it then “Swiss Cheese!” No wonder IHRT smells a rat!

Sally Grigg...So many miss-representations surrounding Sally’s surgeries in Endogyn, and what appear to be outright lies regarding Sally’s "reaction to the Spraygel,: and some type of "medication” to help get the Spraygel “out of her system!” Everything surrounding Sally appears to be in "crisis" mode! LOL. It appears that Sally wants to be the center of attention, even if it means she make things up so she “stands out of the crowd,” such as Sally appears to be doing here in these emails and posts. To say that “Kru” has almost 100% success,” is without ANY basis, yet Sally uses that to harvest innocent ARD patients to “Kru,” when she herself was still not well, and Sally has no intentions of telling people about it either! The whole thing was bogus and simply attention getting as NON of it had any basis to it at all!! Sally says in private, “So I guess I'm supposed to be quiet and be a good girl, until they decide what my body did.” Sally says in public, “If anyone wants to know anything about surgery with Dr. Kruschinski and his great skill, gasless methods, and spray gel, just email me at I'm happy to share any info I've got.”

Can YOU answer the Mystery?

Who lied when stating there were “DR’S involved in this case,” or “ that Sally’s body was HOLDING the Spraygel,” and that “Kru gave her medication to help RID her body of it.”

Possible answers: “Kru, in the operating with a scalpel,” or “Sally, on the ranch with pitch fork,” or “Jo, down under, spewing her words like a gossip standing at a fence!”

Who do you think is making up the greater “tale” in the following material surrounding Sally Grigg’s surgeries at Endogyn?


-----Original Message-----From:

Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2003 9:37 PM

To: G;

Subject: Sally Grigg

Gentlemen:The following message appeared on the IAS board today.I don't think this is very helpful or appropriate, or respectful to either Confluent or Dr. K - as per our recent correspondence, what possible medication could Sally be on that would "break down the gel"? Some suggestions please



Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 21:19:57 -0600 (CST)

From: (Jo)


Subject: Sally Grigg is home from Germany!Message-ID:

Hello everyone! I had a lovely surprise this morning - a phone call from our Californian friend Sally! Home from Germany just two days ago after her third major surgey in just a few short months.The only draw back to this surgery to remove adhesions after her burst appendix last year was a reaction to the SprayGel! Sally is the only person we know of who has had a reaction and it surprised everyone. Doctors believe Sally's body has possibly built up an immunity to the Gel and it didn't dissolve as it is designed to do and be dispelled from her body via her bladder.Sally is now taking medication to try and break down the gel so that it can be absorbed and then expelled from her body. She says that she feels a little strange but the second look surgery showed that no new adhesions have formed after the procedure! Let's hope and pray that Sally can get the SprayGel out of her system and doctors and the makers of SprayGel can work out why she had this unheard of reaction. Best wishes for a full recoveryLove & warm gentle hugs,Jo


Original Message -----

From: Confluent Surgical

To: S; Dr.Kruschinski@t-online.deSent:

Monday, March 10, 2003 3:27 PM

Subject: RE: Sally Grigg

Dear D, Thanks for keeping all of in the loop here. I spoke to Bev today on a number of issues related to Sally Grigg. We have no idea what medication could have been given to this patient. As you know from your own testing, SprayGel is absorbed after 7 days so we don't know at Confluent what drug could be given to accelerate the absorption process.I also spoke to Dr. Reich today and he is going to talk to Dr. Kruschinski concerning a number of topics.

Thanks again for your involvement.


From: Sally Grigg

To: D

Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 7:00 AM

Subject: Re: Sally Grigg

Sally Grigg wrote:

Dear D, Hi, how are you feeling? I hope you are doing better. I'm sorry I missed you in Germany. Wouldn't it be great if we could all get together. Anyway, I had another six hour surgery, all that pus from the burst appendix really did a bad thing, so many adhesions. But Daniel said they were easy compared to the last ones, these were not as imbedded in my organs. I did have some kind of weird reaction to the spraygel, but they are figuring it out. So I guess I'm supposed to be quiet and be a good girl, until they decide what my body did. LOL LOL Why me???? Sally Grigg

Hello, sweet friends, I'm home from Germany. Stronger this time. I was filled with adhesions from my appendectomy but they were soft. It still took six hours of great surgery and 7 kits of spray gel. I did have an inflamatory reaction to the spray gel this time. I'm probably the only person who has had it twice in a few months, but overall I'm well and happy. It's always hard to travel so far, but dear friends, we finally do have a cure, another miracle. Hopefuly no more operations for me. If anyone wants to know anything about surgery with Dr. Kruschinski and his great skill, gasless methods, and spray gel, just email me at I'm happy to share any info I've got. I'll write again soon, I've got 215 email messages waiting for me. Now I've got to find the few precious nuggets from friends and delete the crap. Please let me know how you all are. I know I've been bad not answering my emails, but life is so full, but I seem to be out of pain again, so hopefully life will be good. I came home to 3 adorable baby lambs and more on the way. They are soooooooo cute. Love you all and wish I had the money to send you to Dr. Kruschinksi. His success rate is almost 100%. That doesn't mean he makes you a new person, just adhesion free and having to deal with life. LOL Take care, all my love, Sally Grigg


Endogyn updates:

Karen Steward is attempting to use her " smoke screen" method of taking the focus off the Sally Grigg material by throwing out "Law Suit!" No one can or will sue anyone else over posting on the Internet, and any attorney who will not take $5,000.00 to start a case, is extinct! " Kru" isn't worth the time to sue, nor can he be sued, tells you how much Karen knows! But Sally can, and I encourage anyone who feels that they were dupped by her, to email her and ask her questions as to why she miss-lead people like she did!!

Karen appears to be going "ballistic" trying to deal with everyone elses issues. Talk about controlling! LOL! LOL!

Lisa Graven’s recent post on Endogyn, where she is defending “Kru,” and all but gushing over him appears to be nothing short of dysfunctional behavior! Lisa talks of others being in love with “Kru,” but in order to accuse that, one must have entertained that idea within themselves in order to place it on others, fact is that it has to originate from somewhere, Lisa!

Obsessed? Look at you women, all of you women who gush over this cheesy charactor, that is just sic behavior and you claim others are guilty of it, but not yourself, what is all of this in YOUR post if it isn't obsessive behavior. Lisa? Your obsession with "Kru" still exists years later, and isn't geared at helping people, just tooting the horn of someone who abused you! Also notice that this "love" accusation is thrown around quite a bit, making IHRT wonder just what kind of women can fall in love with the “cheesy” looking “Kru!” (Another Mystery!)

Look how highly “Kru” speaks about his, “ladies,” like he did for Lisa Graven, who bent over backwards to get patients to him! What kind of a person would allow someone to treat them this way, and then “gravel” back at their feet? This is no mystery, as it appears that is it someone like Lisa Graven!”

ATTENTION Potential Patients to ENDOGYN and Kruschinski...
Read below as this could very well happen to you if you don't keep your mouth shut!!!!
---Original Message -----


To: ; ; ;

Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 5:36 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: Misleading issues on the IAS web site and at Bombobeach web sites

Lisa Graven> Hello Everyone,I see that you all received the same email from Daniel. I am deeply disturbed that he portrays me as a stressed out alcoholic that smokes!!!!... nothing could be farther from the truth! I told him he needs to get his facts correct before he says things like that to so many!! I need to clarify that what he says about me, simply IS NOT true! THE ONLY REASON alcohol was brought up in my situation is because I was told that I had chronic pancreatitis, and we were looking for a cause! I do drink OCCASSIONALLY, if we go out for dinner,I may have a drink or two, sometimes not any. We OCCASSIONALLY "party" with friends when we get together, but I consume no more than 3-4 drinks , sometimes not even that! So yes I do drink alcohol, MAYBE 4-7 drinks a month...I didn't realise this is a factor, and I'm the only one that drinks occassionally!I have had alot of stress in my life this year, more than usual. I've had problems with my immediate family(son) and my extended family (father) but most of that stress was last fall, some residual I guess, but like everyone else, you learn to deal with it, adjust to the changes and move on...I'm not a complete mess because of the stress in my life...Yes, I do smoke(i know, shame on me), but is that a factor in adhesion formation??? I was deeply offended by Daniel's portrayal of me, and I want to be sure you all know his opinion is wrong!!! Thanks for listening, Lisa

IHRT says>"And today look at Lisa, all but drooling over "Kru!"


The fact of the matter is that IHRT will continue to point out the issues that only serve to harm ARD patients seeking information about Endogyn, as what is found in Endogyn, is worthless, miss-leading information regarding an under qualified surgeon who lacks the skills to perform a high quality adhesiolysis, as IHRT sees it, and IHRT will watch closely to see when. more probable, IF "Kru" follows up on his claims of performing adhesiolysis in the Caymans, and having "guest" surgeons to Endogyn! Claims by "Kru" are always left dangling!

IHRT predicts that these claims will never be realized by "Kru," let alone his patients! Mark our words, or, perhaps, "sue us!"

Stayed tuned to IHRT for a discussion on: The Current “Status” of Endogyn, 2006

Posted by IHRT at 6:06 PM

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Anonymous said...


May 23, 2006 3:32 PM

Anonymous said...

She helped convince me to go to some extent but it was Lisa Graven who really persisted and I went.

Totally regretable choice and was worse for the trip.

I fouind out later she was not well when she was trying to "get me there"

I wonder if I was the partial payment for her trip back and she's still not well, Daniel told her then something about her having PID which cause the problems back, several others got the pid excuse too. It's generally sexually transmited or from surgical infection.

He said I had a reaction to spraygel which was not true. He said I had a post surgical drain and that was not true. He said I was adhesion free and that was SO not true because I had to have surgery here a few months later and I had tons old calcified adhesions! Uh maybe he needs better glasses...nowait a better visual field so he could see em but the abdolift tents the abdomen and he cant see like an inflated abdomen like in a regular you might be adhesion free but only where he can you go all that way for nothing!

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