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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Endogyn Kruschinski and Steward More of ENDOGATE

“IHRT is hoping that for once we are NOT correct in our stand regarding what appears to be "bogus" claims made to harvest persons afflicted with ARD to Endogyn, as if we are, many, far to many victims of ARD, have been victimized again......... We, at IHRT, DO in fact, proclaim ourselves the defenders of those afflicted with ARD, and we will continue our quest to stomp out the injustices dealt them wherever it continues to exist in the world, indeed as we are their defenders... PLEASE remember this if you do not go any further in this message!
MANY of Daniels patients have returned home with reports from him stating they had NO adhesions in the second look! Within a few weeks or months, they are left wondering why and what is causing pain that seems to be from “adhesions,” but how could it be if they were adhesion free when they left Germany! These patients start the same process of diagnostic tests, pain medications, fears that this pain is for life and NOT from adhesions, do not be to quick to claim a success out of Endogyn as in doing this without giving yourself time to REALLY know if in fact you did receive a “clean” peritoneum from a surgery at Endogyn, what your doing is feeding information and hope to a very desperate and suffering group of people who will do everything they can to get there for their “miracle,” only to learn to late that YOUR story wasn’t as good as you represented it to be! They turn to Daniel with questions, only to be offered another surgery, at a discount, and if this is refused him, watch out! (You will see why I say this!)

It is my desire, if not my duty to try to talk to you with some candor about what is happening at Endogyn, Emma Klinic, Frankfurt, Germany under the auspices of Daniel Kruschinski. This isn’t the first time I have approached this subject, and the times prior to this can be found recorded in black and white, within IHRT.
Back in 2003, & 2004, I was accused of unjustly “persecuting” Daniel Kruschinki, and others whom favored his attention, however, the line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one...and my dear people, by no means were my intentions meant to persecute anyone during those times, nor are they meant to persecute anyone today with all of this rhetoric about Endogyn. Today, as in the other episodes dealing with Endogyn, I will deliver my points with facts, and tell the truth of these issues by using peoples own words, and I do this to bring to you information that I think will protect you from making decisions that are NOT in your best interest!

I am of the opinion that all human beings have a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information, but unless we recognize that if we insulate ourselves from the realities of the world in which we live, the world of ARD, we will be kicked around, and bullwhipped, and damned! We easily become victim to “hearsay, rumor, gossip, unfounded information, unconfirmed reports, and false promises! We can easily fall prey to those who seek to benefit in both “financial” and “egotistical” ways by using methods that distract, delude, amuse, sidetrack and isolate us so that when they come in for the “kill,” we are non the wiser of the scam!
There are those who look at all of this “Endogyn banter” in shock and repulsed by it, and there are those who work at perpetrating it... and both may see a totally different picture of it all, but no matter the sides taken in these issues, for some, it is too late to make a difference!
If what I say about this depravity in Endogyn in the material I write is responsible, then I alone am responsible for the saying of it, but I've searched my conscience and I can't, for the life of me, find any justification for NOT bringing it to the attention of the public.

I also can accept that there are, on every story, two equal and logical sides to an argument, and understanding the position those promoting Endogyn have put me in, causes me to produce hard facts backed by credible material in my attempts to protect more persons afflicted with “Adhesion Related Disorder” from coming into harm by seeking a surgery at Endogyn by means that they might otherwise think are credible!
The line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one...however, I will not walk by fear of another’s words against me, I will not keep silent because the subject is “unpopular & uncomfortable” for some, I will not speak words that only seek approval from others, and never question or challenge, because I do not fear to write, to associate, to question or to challenge, nor do I fear being “questioned” & “challenged,” when it comes to defend the causes of persons afflicted with “Adhesion Related Disorder.” To be “silent” only serves to give considerable comfort to those who perpetrate crimes against other, thus when I see an injustice, I will not remain silent!
I may have been instrumental in the beginning for promoting Endogyn, however, when the reality of the situations there became evident to me, I immediately made them public and did my best to expose the truth, but even in that attempt to save others from the dishonesty and harm that was going on at Endogyn, I cannot escape responsibility for the results.

The material you are about to read is NOT what I THINK it to be, but what I KNOW it to be!

The more the subject of, “The Hypoxic Side Effects of Carbon Dioxide by Gasless Laparoscope’s,” is researched by me, the more it appears that all of us were deceived by information and claims made by Daniel Kruschinski, Karen Steward, & Helen Dynda, among others, about the hypoxic side effects of carbon dioxide by gasless laparoscopy! Other information presented by them, is bogus as well, and I will stand by my words unless it can be shown otherwise!
Though this “exposure” of facts might be to late for many who went to Endogyn because they believed the words of these people, it is still better late, then not at all! For all who are either, NOT “well” from the experience, or “worse” for the experience, and in a number of cases, financially harmed by one or more return trips to Endogyn because they “trusted another surgeon in hopes of securing desperately need medical intervention for ARD,” I am so sorry. “May God Bless you!”

For all who perpetrated this deception against your own group of people, “May God Be Kind to You,” when you face him, if you face him, in the mean time, I hope you lose sleep knowing that you led many to additional injury at Endogyn because of your selfishness and egotistical goals in life! I will state that I do not think that Daniel created this situation he finds himself in today, (all of this hype about him and his 100% miracle procedures,) I am of the opinion that some of his patients simply felt that because someone they knew got better from his surgery, they were wanting of that for everyone, One big problem there though, was they wanted that so bad that when others did not get well, they turned to unscrupulous means to harvest patients to Daniel, who merely exploited it and rather successfully.
I will be showing you, through the posts of persons making what appear to be “unsubstantiated” claims about the “benefits” to patients having abdominal/pelvic surgery at Endogyn with the “Abdolift.” The posts you are about to read, are only a fraction of such posts making claims for "research" and "stats" regarding the "benefits" of "gasless" surgery.)

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