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Friday, May 02, 2008

Connie Haber not feeling well??? Hmmmm!

Patients looking to return for surgery at "Endogyn!"

What appears to be "another obsessed and dysfunctional past patient" of "Dr." Daniel Kruschinski, this one puts her life in danger by denying herself medical/surgical intervention for a very serious condition she currently says she has!

Haber, Connie
+1 (732) 870-8775+1 (732) 996-3900
New Jersey
Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, Adhesions Date: 08.08.2003
connie Master
Gender: Female Location: New Jersey Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 301

Posted Tuesday, April 29, 2008 @ 08:15 PM
"Hi Cheryl,

Wow, I have kept my sick gallbladder inside me untill Im ready to visit Dr. Kruschinski in Germany. Everyone is telling me.."oh its no big deal they do it with little incisions now"...I can't imagine having surgery here in the states. good luck

** Why would Connie Haber, a Jewish mother and wife, do this to herself and her family?

** Why would Connie Haber be so irresponsible when it comes to her health care needs?

** What standards is Connie Haber setting for her children when it comes to being responsible for your health care needs?

** Does Connie Haber think she owes this to Kruschinski because she entertained Kru's son here in the USA! (IHRT recalls how the Connie's son taught Kru's son to play
"BEER PONG!" a few summers ago!)

** Does Connie Habor think this type of behavior makes her look like a warrior for Kruschinski in an attempt to show he was a great of a surgeon? (And for what as Kru is no longer a surgeon, great or not, he is finished!)

** Doesn't Connie Haber see that all she is doing in this post is embarrassing herself? (She, or anyone else for that matter, will ever get a surgery from Kru, unless he can scrounge up some surgical tools and meet them in a run down back alley in lower Saxony where he currently lives, between court appearances that is!)


In IHRT's opinion, to exhibit such irresponsible behaviors and nonsense in a public forum for all the world to read about is just plain dysfunctional! Connie Haber sounds like a fool, not someone of strength and wisdom who is holding out for surgery with the "Great King Kru" in Germany, instead she sounds like a fool placing herself in danger and not caring what this places on her family!!

Perhaps all of this is a bold face lie in an attempt to make herself sound "important" to those few idiots who still visit the Endogyn message board.
Either reason is still sick in IHRT's opinion, really, really sick behavior!

Of course, this type of thing is exactly what is all about, building up Kru first, and putting yourself second, even at the cost of sounding like a bimbo, as Connie certainly appears to be doing in this recent post to another patient, who, by the way is also looking to return to Endogyn!

(Endogyn is only a web site folks, and Kru is NOT performing any surgeries any where! These two ladies must have their bubbles floating a little left of the center not to know that!)

Is this behavior the result of brainwashing of these ladies or is it the result of these ladies having such low self esteem that they need to say these things to each other to feel important?

Perhaps they are myrters, or suffer Munchhausen or are simply obsessive towards their ob/gyn?

A good many of the ladies who continue to post in Endogyn, (both in the English site and the German site,) are real hang ons! They appear almost "stalking" like in their behaviors. They all seem to have one thing in common it seems and that is a definite NEED of attention, and attention from anyone and any way they can get it, even at a cost of making themselves appear strange, bizarre, foolish and out right dumb, no other way to put it!

IHRT finds that this is the exact types of characters that found their way to Endogyn and they came with massive physical needs and Kruschinski immediately recognized the deep mental problems so many of them had and taking 100% advantage of these psychological inadequacies, he simply manipulated them to the point that they now focus their lives on only him.

Even today Kruschinski continues to control their minds, yet can offer them nothing, nothing at all, zero! But when he throws them a small bone, a tid bit of words in his web site they clammer at it hoping to get a pat on the head from him in some way, even for a second, their need for his attention is so great..It is scary, but real!
This post from Connie Haber's epitomizes this exact behavior and in IHRT's opinion shows just how dysfunctional so many of these patients to Endogyn were, and remain today!

It is not to difficult to figure out that something has gone very wrong in the world

It is also not to hard to figure out that King Kruschinski is not doing any surgeries, anywhere!

Kruschinski has been black-balled by every known medical facility and association in Europe and as recent as last week, Kruschinski grabs some goofy thing from years back to comment on in the English message board as if it were some massive revelation he was presenting to the world. How lame and pathetic is that folks??

Come on, Connie, no one bit on this nonsense but YOU and Cheryl! Talk about a couple of fools!

Posted by Kru Sunday, April 27, 2008 @ 03:58 AM

Kruschinski faces of the past......

"Dr. Daniel M. Kruschinski has been spotted near the Braunschweig area of Lower SSaxony Germany, looking red faced and "SWELL" these days!"
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