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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Gingirl " and Kruschinski invent NEW robot to replace the defunct Abdolift!

NEW Endogyn Invention by "Daniel Kruschinski" - aka "Daniel the Drunkard!"
(If Israel really wants this freak, come take him! You won't keep him long!)


"Welcome Home" gingirl, IHRT missed your over-reactive, absurd posts in Endogyn!

Rumor has it that "gingirl" prompted Kruschinski to develop a NEW robot to fill the void in his life left by the now defunct and obsolete Abdolift, and he did!

Soon to be introduced through the many "EndoGyn® - Endoscopic Gynecology International" infrastructures and franchises, is the "brain child" of "gingirl" who has been obsessing over her daughters OB/GYN for years now, and the OB/GYN himself. They say that THIS venture will make bigger bucks then anything Endogyn has offered in the past, but no discounts this time!

Introducing to the world the NEW robotic apparatus in Kru's life.... (Advertisement located at bottom of this blog!)

"EndoJellibelly Bauchpinselmaschine!"

Pssssttt! Keep this part to yourself...IHRT heard rumors that Karen Steward is going to write a book about it too! IHRT can't wait to read it, we are sure that once we start to read it, it will be hard to put down, a real page turner and it will be so well written too! Here is a sneak peek at the cover and the title....
"Let Go of My Ego!"

No one can stroke "Kru's" ego like "gingirl" can, but all that will change now that the new "Ego Stroker" has been invented by Kru, and we all know how much Kru needs his ego stroked!
(Though it appears your being snubbed by Kru once again, Karen! Watching you and Kru post is like watching the "War of the Roses!)

IHRT thinks this is a great invention coming out of Endogyn with "gingirl" not stroking Daniel's ego as often as she used to, and Helen, Connie, Sandy, Jan and the other, "Kru's Crew" dumping him like a rotten fish. Daniel's need of ego stroking is at an all time high! Fact is that Kru has even been dumped by his "German Kru Crew!" "Miltenberger" where are you!!??

Speaking of stroking Kru's ego, here is "gingirl" stroking away without any sense of a moral expectation from him! Gingirl seems to think it is cute of Kru to post such things! What a "sweetheart" he is to make the world laugh! Ya gotta love him, "gingirl" seems to say!

But then again it isn't hard to find reason that someone with the handle of "gingirl" would respond with accolades to Kruschinski's drunken post in Endogyn! IHRT thinks that "gingirl" forgets that she wrote in her book that her daughter, Melissa, couldn't stand the likes of Kruschiski, nor is she well! (Pages 315-316)

IHRT is not insinuating that "gingirl" was in an equal state of mind when she posted her reply to Kruschinski's drunken post, however one could deduce this when you read how she totally ignores the idiocy of his words to his "patients" talking about drinking and getting drunk, and "gingirl" seemingly takes no notice that this kind of behavior is not conducive to a professional relationship between patient and Dr.

Here is the "sicko" couple....
All that IHRT can see in "gingirls" reply to Kru is her undying love for her daughters OB.GYN.

If Kru's words were not gross enough as stated, it is sic thinking that these words are coming from an Ob/Gyn, or any Dr. for that matter, but an Ob/Gyn telling his patients not to get DRUNK at Easter!

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Posted Monday, March 24, 2008 @ 11:52 PM session=Z3h6pTZQ5x2yuM2QuKDcHDXi4j&forum=2&thread=16917
Hope you had a Happy Easter as well, Dr. Kruschinski. Melissa and I always reminisce about the Easter that we spent in Germany. What a blessed Easter it was that year, as 14 years of pain and suffering were erased from her body/life!! May you be blessed and may all who make their way to you receive such a wonderful new lease on life. It is my prayer that all who suffer from the horrid illness of adhesions one day be freed from their pain as well. Many blessings to all!!!
PS. April will be five years since we were there!!! WOW!! What a wonderful life Melissa has now!!
Karen ......................................................................................................................................
Dr. Kruschinski's remarkable talent, gasless laparascopy, and SprayGel gave my daughter back her life!! Thank you Dr. Kruschinski!!

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