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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

German Researchers Introduce Endo Gel Adhesion Barrier

German Researchers Introduce Endo Gel Adhesion Barrier

Perhaps this may help you make an informed decision in your struggles with Adhesion Related Disorder
BioScience GmbH
 BioScience was established in 2005 in Germany by a team of researchers and experts with over three decades of experience in the medical industry We serve our customers with a wide range of products for surgeons, physicians, and other health care professionals. BioScience is strongly committed to product excellence and is proud to be registered ISO 13485:2003 .
BioScience GmbH .
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About Adhesion
In accordance to good surgical practice and preventing formation of post surgical adhesions it is recommended to use Hyacorp endo gel; which forms a physical barrier against the contact between adjacent tissues and remain on the site of application for seven days, which is sufficient to avoid the formation of adhesions during the critical healing process of injured tissues.
HYAcorp endo gel is a Bio-absorbable ,sterile , transparent, high viscous gel obtained by condensation of hyaluronic acid, one of the main components of human connective tissue and of epithelial and mesothelial tissues and it perfectly adheres to the tissue surface and to the abdominal wall creating an anti adhesion barrier.
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