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Thursday, January 04, 2007

DyndaGyn 2007

Kru gone missing...though he really just shafted everyone. He IS around in the German message board and in IHRT stats galore, but he IS ignoring all of you!

Helen Dynda takes over Endogyn, renaming the web site "DyndaGyn.

"OMG! Not THE Helen Dynda of Boredomland!"

Helen puts the NEW name to a vote to all 3000 - 4000 members.

All in favor say "Aye."
Those opposed say, " Nay!"
"Tough, this is a German board and it is promoting private solicitation, so I take over no matter if the "Nays" won!"

"Look, Joe, she can't last much longer, soon the web site will have to be renewed and Kru has no money to do that!"

"How much longer do we have to listen to her "droooooone?"

Helen Dynda 101

First ARD Education lesson of 6, 298 units.

"Holy BeJesus is she a man what!???"

Posted Wednesday, January 3, 2007 @ 03:15 PM

"This is URL hell for sure now, boring!"

There is only one way out of a mess like this......DyndoGyn 101

Helen seems to be suggesting that the International patient travel to Germany for a laporotomy with Adept, and for only 20,000.00 Euros, and six follow-up trips.

Helen, where are the questionnaires Kru was sending out? Was IHRT correct in predicting that this was Krus final "dupe" of them?
The answer is: YES..IHRT is right!
You have been "punked" by the Kru Crew!

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